7th Anniversary: Triple XP, reputation and honor gains | BG: Mount rewards.

Hello there,

In order to keep celebrating our 7th anniversary, we have decided to provide some extra perks.

Until next Monday 31st of August:

  • x3 Experience.
  • x3 Honor.
  • x3 Reputation.

  • After the 31st of August, honor and reputation gains will keep being x1. However, the experience rate will be x2 until the 7th Anniversary celebrations end (date pending to be set, we will keep you updated).

    As you probably know, we are rewarding those players doing Random Dungeons and Raids with the chance to obtain a mount from our website shop (more information here). Today, more Raid Bosses from Northrend have the chance to also drop them and, we have added new mounts to the list so, good luck!

    In addition, players can now obtain some mount rewards by doing Battlegrounds (these mounts are different than the Dungeons and Raids ones). Therefore, upon finishing a Battleground every player will have a chance to get a great mount. The Arena Points that players receive when doing Battlegrounds is now higher.

    To resume, these are this week's 7th Anniversary additions:

  • x3 Experience, x3 Honor and x3 reputation until Monday 31st of August.
  • More Level 80 Raid Bosses have now the chance to drop a mount from our shops.
  • New mounts may drop from now on.
  • By doing Battlegrounds, every player will have the chance to obtain a mount from our shop (different than the Raids and Dungeons).
  • The Arena points that player receive by finishing a BG is now higher.

  • Allow me to take advantage of this new and give you a little update about a few things.

    First of all, we have been quite overloaded these past 2 weeks, there was a small issue with the free 70 applications and at the same time we had to address some instability problems. On top of that, we were training the new GM recruits to ease their incorporation into the team.

    Thankfully, things are already sorted out, and we can keep addressing your in-game issues faster, do not forget to check your in-game mail, your ticket response could be there.

    If your free 70 application was still pendant, check the website, because it should be already managed.

    Additionally, our website's shop Bundles and Promotions are now updated. Remember to check them every Wednesday as new offers will be in rotation.

    Thanks a lot for your support, enjoy the active weekly events and those that are yet to come!
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