7th Anniversary: Perks, rewards and more!

We are going to take advantage of this 7th week’s Anniversary event to announce a lot of things. Now that the summertime and festive times are about to end, we would like to inform you about some of our most immediate plans. We also want to announce a few of the long term ones but, let's go step by step.

We are doing weekly promotions in order to celebrate and promote different areas of the game. Some of the perks will end on the next 14th of September, the rest will have a different end date which shall be revealed soon.

We have received a lot of great feedback and suggestions about these events, thank you to all those who shared their insight and approached us with their ideas. We have decided to maintain some of the current perks for the rest of the year, but they will be adapted in a way that the overall experience is rewarding and not intrusive at all. We will detail more about this once the celebrations end.

The currently active 7th Anniversary celebration perks are:

  • City leaders (faction bosses) have a chance to drop a mount from our shops.
  • 100% chance to get a Landro's Pet Box upon finishing a Battleground.
  • 50% chance to get a Landro's Pet Box upon finishing a Random Dungeon.
  • Arena Points upon finishing a Battleground increased (winner: 10 AP, loser: 7 AP).
  • The chance to obtain the mount reward upon finishing a Battleground has been increased.
  • The chance to obtain the mount reward upon finishing an RDF, or killing a Northrend raid boss has been increased.
  • Several new mounts have been added to the possible rewards.
  • 20% extra donation points when donating.
  • Mr. Chilly in our shops (1 DP or 1 VP).
  • x3 experience, honor and reputation.
  • x2 crafting and gathering experience.

  • The Anniversary's perks that will end the 14th of September:

  • Free Instant 70.
  • Character services discount.
  • x3 extra experience, honour and reputation.
  • x2 crafting and gathering experience.

  • Note that, after the 14th of September all the rates will be restored to x1, the original ones.

    Aside from all of this, we have been reworking the Wintergrasp Balance system, we had to disable it due to some unexpected issues, but it is now ready to be released and it shall be active again within the next week. More information about how it works will also be published.

    In order to keep promoting PvP, we have been reworking the weekly PvP tournament, and we will announce revamped rewards as well, with one big new addition that has been really missed by many of you.

    So, a lot more will come within the next few weeks, we will keep announcing stuff to not oversaturate one post. We are really excited about it, stay tuned!
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