8th Anniversary: Free Instant 70, x2 rep/prof, Scarab Lord, High End incentives... and more.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We are in a very special month because we are going to celebrate our 8th Anniversary on the next 16th of July, so we want to reward our players with something special to mark this date.

For us, Dalaran is not just the main city of The Wrath of the Lich King expansion, it is the ideal home, that magical place where we would love to set our Hearthstone forever. We have been working hard since 2013 in order to materialize our dream and provide you with our ideal place to play and enjoy this wonderful content. As a small team, we could really say that true passion is what drives us. Our constant work in this project has brought many new ideas that are now standards. It has brought many nice and rewarding moments, but the best reward that we could have gotten is you; our community.

We would like to thank every one of you once again for your time and loyalty because it is also your Anniversary: You, the community is what makes this home a reality. So let us start explaining what we have prepared for the whole summer season, as we are going to start with some celebrations now, but more are going to be announced during the summer (the release of a new Zone of Action, an event within the Dalaran's Sewers...etc. stay tuned!).

There are different things we want to announce, they will be separated and posted in a way you can easily identify them, should you want to skip some and focus on what interests you the most.

The new Arena Season stage starts tomorrow, 3rd of July: We will publish a detailed announcement soon, which will cover a new form we are going to give to the Arena Season, rewards etc. It will basically be reset every month and a half / two months, giving rewards to the top 3 teams and every active player. We are also preparing a new section on the site with information about the arena teams, matches...etc. Only teams and MMR are going to be reset tomorrow, Arena Points will be kept.

Scarab Lord event date: It will be possible to finish the quest line through the "Bang a Gong" quest on the 17th of July at 18:00 ST, that means: after the first person completes it, there will be a time frame of 10 hours for the rest of the players to finish it, who will also be eligible to get these awesome and well-deserved rewards. Good luck everyone!

Free Instant 70: Current and new players can now enjoy a free boost to level 70. We would like to encourage players to join the 70-79 battleground brackets, therefore, during this summer, the experience obtained on these battlegrounds will be higher (already active).

If any issue appears or any doubt arises, feel free to open an in-game ticket and our Game Masters will help you.

  • It is totally free and you do not need to be premium.
  • The free pack will contain only the starting gear sets and some starter gold (no heirlooms, Tome of Cold Weather Flight or bag are included with the free option).
  • Once you have used it over one of your characters, you can't use it anymore.
  • If you have donation points but you are eligible for the Free boost, the free boost shall have priority and no donation points will be deducted from your account.

  • Double Reputation and professions skills: We have received a lot of suggestions about this, and it seems that during the last anniversary this was something the community really enjoyed. So these boosts are enabled again, enjoy!

    8th Anniversary Tabard: After the 12th and for a limited time, a unique tabard never seen ingame before, will be available in our shop for just 1 Vote Point or Donation Point. With it, we will host a Screenshot Contest where you will be able to show some skill, moment, feat... while wearing that tabard. Start thinking about what kind of picture or image would represent you as a Citizen of Dalaran; alone or with friends, your choice!

    Summer Sales: During the Anniversary celebrations, we will enable a new tab in our shop with some special and juicy offers that will be applied to the most desired items. Additionally, we will add a new and incredible mount for the first time, do not miss it out!

    High End Incentives Token system: As we explained here, thanks to some players' suggestions we have come with a new system in order to reward those players who are raiding the High End content. So, let's explain a bit more about it.

    First of all, in order to see these emblems and rewards correctly, please be sure to: 1) Close all your WoW clients. 2) Delete your cache folder within your World of Warcraft directory.

    This way you will be able to see everything as intended.

    Now, there will be two tokens as currency: "Incentive Token" and "Heroic Incentive Token" and you will be able to find the vendor within Icecrown Citadel, near the other vendors.

    As their name states, one will drop from the Heroic content and the other one from Normal. This is how the new tokens will drop:

  • Professor Putricide, Blood-Queen Lana'thel, Sindragosa, and The Lich King: 100% drop chance.
  • Every other boss: 40% chance to drop a token.

  • Buffless run (when removing the ICC area buff): Every boss will have a 100% drop chance (each wing's last boss will drop x2 tokens).

  • There are some interesting items on the Vendor within Icecrown Citadel, some of them were only available in the past through PvE Tournaments or special events (please note that these items can't be traded). But, we are going to keep introducing awesome items gradually. In a few weeks, players will also be able to exchange these tokens for Arena Points or even services like Character Customization, Race Change etc. (Update: Please, feel absolutely free to give us your opinion; if you think something needs to be added or removed, let us know via ticket or e-mail. We are open to suggestions and, as always, we will hear you).

    Thank you for your time!
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