A few updates.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

First of all, I'd like to apologise for my lack of communication these last weeks. Some of you already know but, I had some significant health problems which have affected both my daily life and plans (nothing life-threatening). I have been going through rehabilitation and I am getting better right now.

Although it has been a rough couple of months, I have been in constant contact with the Game Masters. I have been working on what I could and tried to deploy some changes to Algalon through maintenances done every other day. However, I still plan to implement many improvements that have been done through different areas of the game.

I have successfully solved some class issues, and I will be trying to mainly focus on fixing the remaining ones from now on (even though I may have not answered, thank you for all the feedback through emails).

Aside from this, I'd like to briefly list few of the upcoming changes and ideas which deployment was delayed because of this:

  • As it has been up for some time, the transfers from Horde to Alliance will stop rewarding Arena points after this next Friday 26th.
  • We are going to include the High Incentive tokens within Naxxramas and Trial of the Crusader, as well as add some extra items available through the vendor.
  • Thanks to some suggestions, we might be adding extra loot for World Bosses and emblems based on your character's individual progression.
  • Zone of Action - Venture Bay. A lot of work has been done on this new ZoA, I will polish and perform the latest tests so it can be released as soon as possible.

  • Some GMs are preparing a guide with the most frequent questions and issues that are usually asked by tickets, and how to easily solve them on your own; in order to alleviate the insane amount of tickets that have been made recently, since they have swamped and made the Game Masters’ assistance a bit slower. No worries, our GMs are determined to get the list sorted, so everyone of you will get their answer. We believe that this kind of post will help everyone to get better ingame help.

    I have to personally thank all those players that have been contacting us with their suggestions and feedback lately. We have noticed how they care and the way some of you are approaching us is really comforting, since it leads to an understanding and conversations that can reach a wonderful output for all of us. We have always said that you can talk to us freely with your concerns, that we will listen to what the community needs; the respect and care that you have shown for us and the realm has been impressive, because with this attitude we can grow together into a better place.

    Thank you, because that is what is needed to forge the best WotLK home we can.
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