Holiday rewards and perks: Free instant 70, rep/prof/honor bonus and much more!

Another year is about to start and with it come hope and excitement as well as a plethora of wishes that will surely come true. No one would have even imagined that the world could actually be like it has been these past couple of years.

Therefore, this announcement will solely focus on celebration, if we can contribute to our community's entertainment and wellbeing during these odd times, we will try our best with pleasure. We really hope all of you enjoy your free time playing on your WotLK Home, and we would like to reward that loyalty and time over the years.

Another post with the changes, improvements, recruitments (both GM and developers) and more info will be published within the next few weeks, don't worry. We know many of you have been suggesting and approaching us via email with some ideas and opinions about what you think needs to be fixed over what, we have heard you and we will deliver. Stay tuned as I have been already working on some of those fixes.

But as said, this announcement's intention is to enjoy these days of celebration, because after all the struggles of real life, we can always come back to Dalaran no matter what and we can get into the skin of the heroes who stop Northend's menaces, lead the raids, be with their friends and attend to events while gearing up for future battles.

What better way to do that than rewarding the participation and commitment from our community. Doesn't matter if old or new, after all, everyone playing on this Home is a Citizens of Dalaran - and we thank you for your time and trust.

During past Holidays or Anniversary events, many of you gave us pretty good feedback about the incentives, rewards...etc. Therefore we have decided to put most of them at once during a short period of time, just for these Holidays. So let’s detail what you will be able to enjoy and get rewards from!

All the following changes will become active tomorrow, 24th of December and will last until the 15th of January:

Donations and Shop

  • Extra donation points per donation until 31st of January.
  • New deals and bundles in our shop (after December 25th).
  • Baby Blizzard Bear in our shops (1 DP or 1 VP).

  • Random Dungeon Finder.

  • Chance to earn a random mount from our website upon finishing a Random Dungeon (any level).
  • 50% chance to get a Landro's Pet Box upon finishing a Random Dungeon (any level).
  • Heroic RDF completion will grant an extra emblem according to your character’s progression.

  • Raids and Mounts.

  • Upon defeating level 80 raid bosses, players have the chance to obtain a random mount from our website.

  • The following mounts will see their drop chance increased during the Holiday event:

  • Deathcharger's Reins
  • Swift Zulian Tiger
  • Swift Razzashi Raptor
  • Ashes of Al'ar
  • Reins of the Raven Lord
  • Fiery Warhorse's Reins
  • Swift White Hawkstrider
  • Reins of the Onyxian Drake
  • Reins of the Azure Drake
  • Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake
  • Reins of the Blue Drake
  • Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth
  • Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth

  • PvP (BGs, Wintergrasp and Faction Tournament).

    All these changes affect both, level 80 and level 70-79 brackets:

  • City leaders (faction bosses) will have a chance to drop a new mount from our shops.
  • Chance to obtain a mount drop upon finishing a Battleground.
  • Chance to obtain a rare pet from the shop drop upon finishing a Battleground.
  • The Arena Points received when finishing a Battleground will be slightly increased.
  • Weekly reward from Dalaran NPC will be increased by 15%
  • 100% chance to get a Landro's Pet Box upon finishing a Battleground.

  • General Perks.

  • x3 Reputation bonus.
  • Double Gathering and crafting experience bonus.
  • Double Honor bonus.
  • RAF (recruit a friend) reputation bonus is also increased.
  • Experience: Remember that x4 is active, even though you can switch it to x1 whenever you like.

  • Free instant 70

    Current and new players can now enjoy a free boost to level 70. We would like to encourage players to join the 70-79 battleground brackets so every battleground reward is also included within this bracket, even though they do not count towards the Faction Tournament.

  • It is totally free and you do not need to be premium.
  • The free pack will contain only the starting gear sets and some starter gold (no heirlooms, Tome of Cold Weather Flight or bag are included with the free option).
  • Once you have used it over one of your characters, you can't use it anymore.
  • If you have donation points but you are eligible for the Free boost, the free boost shall have priority and no donation points will be deducted from your account.

  • Thank you once again for your commitment. Enjoy these amazing Holidays!
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