A timeless journey.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

Lately, we have been receiving the same question from different players. So we have decided to tell you a bit about what comes next for Dalaran-WoW.

If you have carefully read our news, you probably have noticed hints about it here and there. In fact, on our last Anniversary's post, we did mention we would be revealing it soon.

That being said; we have been working bit by bit, slowly but firmly; doing lots of testing and struggling our brains in order to come up with what we think could be a proper redefinition of what a WoTLK Home could be nowadays. We like to compare this idea to the one we had 10 years ago when we started creating and designing the idea/concept that nowadays is so extended about the Progressive servers. We truly believe in this idea, and the most important thing is that we will do and show what we have repeatedly said over the years: for us, the most important thing is the time and work invested by the players.

With this, what we mean is that we have been working since 2013 in order to safeguard all your efforts and, no matter what happens, we will continue to do so. We are going to reveal every single detail soon, before Dalaran's 9th Anniversary. This, together with Algalon's concept creation, will be one of the most defining moments for Dalaran-WoW and its community. Directly answering some of the received questions: yes, what comes next it's thought to be maintained for the very long term, which has always been our central point.

I know we may seem slow, but we always plan ahead everything strategically; with thorough detail, that's why we have been able to overcome different situations. And we like to think we know what provides results and what doesn't. We know our strengths, but we also know what we need to improve. And of course, we have a marvelous and collaborative community providing us with great feedback. Working together is what makes this WoTLK Home so special.

At this very moment, we are working on two separate things: one is so that players can enjoy while waiting for our big announcement; we want to improve the Tournament and the overall PvP as well as implement some of the suggestions that our playerbase has provided. The other one is; now that, after ~2 years working on it is finally finished, we are thoroughly testing everything before we reveal all of its details. We are also preparing a nice and pleasant way to guide you about it and the marketing campaign that comes with it.

Therefore, as mentioned, we can't give you an exact date but, before Dalaran's 9th Anniversary (which will happen next July), we will reveal all about what comes next for Dalaran's community. It will go live this Summer. In the meantime, remember that we are here for you and the most important thing for us is to respect and maintain all the work players have done developing their characters' history, so all of you can continue enjoying your journey in the streets of Dalaran knowing that your efforts will never be lost.

We are all together in this. Thank you for reading, stay tuned!
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