Midsummer Fire Festival.

We want to welcome the hottest event of the year! Midsummer Fire Festival is here!

We are just warming up, but get ready to light this place up!

Let's start playing with fire as a Torch Juggler, then you can do a Burning Hot Pole Dance but if that is not hot enough for you, you can visit the bonfires to Honor them as a random act of kindle-ness or Desecrate them if you can't take the heat. You may earn some Burning Blossoms along the way.

You can also face Lord Ahune inside The Slave Pens, and unless the battle burns you up, you may get some fiery rewards.

To have everyone join in on the festiveness, remember that Ahune will drop additional Burning Blossoms for anyone that has gotten the The Fires of Azeroth achievement to accommodate the players that have already done the flames in a previous year.

Each player will have the chance to find an Ice Chip in their Satchel. As well as the chance to find the Formula: Enchant Weapon - Deathfrost from Ahune himself.

Flame Keeperss and Flame Wardenss of Dalaran, have a Flametastic Event!
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