Realm First titles and freeing Algalon names.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

As you probably know, there are some special titles that are rewarded upon obtaining each one of the class, race and professions realm first achievements.

Aside from all the new players who wish to start completely fresh, there are many who have asked us to provide a way for them to also start from scratch but with their Algalon's characters names.

Therefore, we have opened a form so those who wish can use their Algalon's names on newly created characters in the new realm. This is what will happen when you register a name:

  • Your Algalon's character will be intact.
  • On the new realm, the registered character will have a slightly different name and it will be automatically flagged for a rename.
  • You will be perfectly able to create a totally new character and use the name you were using on Algalon (from the first day).

  • Note that, if after using this service you end up earning a realm first, it will not be transferred to the character that came from Algalon because they are totally different ones.

    Just as a reminder, the titles for the class, race and profession realm firsts are the ones mentioned on this page, but with a slight change in the case of the druid as the one mentioned there it is not available on this version of the game.

    The titles are the following:

  • -Name- The Supreme | First player to Level 80

  • Class titles:

  • -Name- of the Emerald Dream | First Druid to Level 80
  • Archmage -Name- | First Mage to Level 80
  • Assassin -Name- | First Rogue to Level 80
  • Crusader -Name- | First Paladin to Level 80
  • Prophet -Name- | First Priest to Level 80
  • Stalker -Name- | First Hunter to Level 80
  • Warbringer -Name- | First Warrior to Level 80
  • -Name- The Malefic | First Warlock to Level 80
  • -Name- of the Ebon Blade | First Death Knight to Level 80
  • -Name- of the Ten Storms | First Shaman to Level 80

  • Race titles:

  • -Name- of Gnomeregan | First Gnome to Level 80
  • -Name- of Quel'thalas | First Blood Elf to Level 80
  • -Name- of Argus | First Draenei to Level 80
  • -Name- of Khaz Modan | First Dwarf to Level 80
  • -Name- The Lion Hearted | First Human to Level 80
  • -Name- Champion of Elune | First Night Elf to Level 80
  • -Name- Hero of Orgrimmar | First Orc to Level 80
  • -Name- Plainsrunner | First Tauren to Level 80
  • -Name- of the Darkspear | First Troll to Level 80
  • -Name- The Forsaken | First Forsaken to Level 80

  • Profession titles:

  • Grand Master Alchemist -Name- | First to 450 Alchemy
  • Grand Master Blacksmith -Name- | First to 450 Blacksmithing
  • Iron Chef -Name- | First to 450 Cooking
  • Grand Master Enchanter -Name- | First to 450 Enchanting
  • Grand Master Engineer -Name- | First to 450 Engineering
  • Doctor -Name- | First to 450 First Aid
  • Grand Master Angler -Name- | First to 450 Fishing
  • Grand Master Herbalist -Name- | First to 450 Herbalism
  • Grand Master Scribe -Name- | First to 450 Inscription
  • Grand Master Jewelcrafter -Name- | First to 450 Jewelcrafting
  • Grand Master Leatherworker -Name- | First to 450 Leatherworking
  • Grand Master Miner -Name- | First to 450 Mining
  • Grand Master Skinner -Name- | First to 450 Skinning
  • Grand Master Tailor -Name- | First to 450 Tailoring

  • Remember, whatever you earn, it will be yours forever.

    Also, if anyone wishes to reserve his/her Algalon's guild name on the new realm, please write us an e-mail at: [email protected] and we will manage it for you.
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