Poll and feedback conclusions.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

Here you can see the results from the two polls that we announced last week. These polls were made with the purpose to help us decide based on the thoughts from some players, altogether with the feedback we have been receiving.

This was planned to be posted yesterday, but we encountered a minor issue that had a big impact within the Death Knight's starting area. Even though we have tested it thoroughly it looks like this problem was introduced a few days ago by mistake. So we had to focus first on deploying the correction there.

Okay then, as you can see in the one about gold, most of the players who voted selected the "100g" option, however there were the second one "1000g" wasn't that far either. Therefore we have decided to find a middleground, so the final amount will be 500g.

Regarding the experience's poll, the majority wishes to have the option to switch to x3 rates. However, there is also a good percentage who likes the x1 - we are happy to see that. Nonetheless, after thorough consideration, we believe that it may benefit the server having the option to switch to x3, but only after the realm firsts from race and class are achieved.

Thank you everyone for your feedback!
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