Realm first achievements and a bit more.

Hello everyone!

Back in the day, we thought appropriate not only to make a forum post and a dedicated place for them on our media section, but also to post some nice and fun pictures of every single race, class and profession realm first.

We think this needs to be preserved! So, to every player who achieves a realm first, if you wish to be in our "Hall of fame", please send us a picture of your character doing something related to the achievement you just earned (or doing whatever you like!).

You can post it on forums, send us an e-mail to: [email protected] with the picture or even open a ticket attaching the URL.

Some of you have already obtained some realm firsts, congratulations to you and the ones that are about to be achieved!

Additionally, we are currently finishing working on a new website section that will replace the Algalon's Faction Tournament one, this section will track some stats from the current players of the Dalaran realm (including the players coming from the Algalon realm), such as the fastest kills or raid runs, PvP stats, realm firsts... and this all will be shown per Era, of course. But when further Eras arrive, aside from showing the Era-specific information, it will also be shown the "top" stats of the Dalaran realm until the moment, this is, top stats between all Eras. No worries, more information about this new section will be published when it is ready.

PD: As a reminder, once the remaining realm first (race and class) achievements are achieved, we will enable the option to switch to x3 rate, as well as enable the RAF feature and our shops/services.
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