Release dates, character unlock and optional x3 rate.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

First of all, congratulations to every realm first! Good job!

With this announcement, we want to tackle a few things that we had prepared for this stage for the Dalaran - Era I realm. Now that the race, class and profession realm first are obtained you can find the following changes:

Rates: You can now switch rates between x1 and x3 as desired by typing .xp command and following the instructions.

Level 80 characters from Algalon: The characters from the first snapshot have been unlocked and they are able to log in already.

As a reminder:

  • You will find your characters adapted to a fresh WoTLK progression (both PvE and PvP). You can check restrictions and how everything works here and here.

  • If you have more than one level 80 character, only one of them will have the 500 gold as this amount is per account, not per character - you will have to distribute it between your characters as you see fit.

  • You will receive an ingame mail, that will let you know where to go next in order to unlock the starter green set. (Spoiler: you have to go to the Purple Parlor in Dalaran, and take the portal within the Violet Citadel).

  • All the things not related to WotLK raids or progression should be there, as stated our idea was to release a fresh progression, not just a fresh realm per se. Nonetheless, if something is amiss and should not be there, please let us know and we will correct it.

  • Those players that mistakenly used the "Free your Algalon's name" tool thinking it was a name reservation instead, will be helped. Remember that the tool was to free your Algalon name in case you wanted to start fresh with a level 1 character and use that name with it. Nonetheless, we understand the situation and we will aid everyone that did it by mistake, open an ingame ticket, please.

  • The starter gear set is thought to help players participate in normal dungeons before stepping into Heroics, this way there will be some time for everyone to gear up before we open the first raids.

    Tier 7 and Arena Season.

  • The Arena Season 5 will commence tomorrow, Wednesday 7th at 16:00, more information will be posted after the Tier 7 release where we will keep you updated with its schedule and rewards.

  • Naxxramas release date: September 17th, 18:00 ST.

  • Tier 7 raids are thought to be released through two different phases. First, Naxxramas and Archavon (within the Vault of Archavon) will be released, then 2 weeks later, Obsidian Sanctum and Eye of Eternity will open. Players still have some time to level up if they wish to be present at the release!

    This Tier is thought to be a "short" one, so as soon as the majority of the population is geared enough, we will announce the PvE and PvP tournaments (not the Faction one, but 2 week-duration events (such as speed runs, etc) that may bring some extra fun for players), those participants will have access to the Ulduar tuning Beta.

    A few extra things.

  • Recruit a Friend extra experience, grant a level and summon (up to level 60) is already available, you can recruit a new friend here

  • Our shops are also available for the Dalaran realm, as well as character services (except for the instant 70, for now).

  • You will be able to link your forum character to the Dalaran realm shortly, we will keep you updated.

  • The Code of Conduct shall be published on our website as soon as possible, even though we are very tolerant, things are going to be revised and reinforced.

  • We are planning to perform some improvements to the Discord server. Special thanks to Rolzresto for the suggestions and help.

  • We are going to start a massive mailing campaign to let some players know about these news, but if you wish to also help us, remember that you can share this post with your friends.

    Thank you everyone for your feedback and nice words, we are over the moon with some of your emails and tickets. We want also to thank everyone that is making reports so we can keep improving our home.
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