The Obsidian Sanctum release.

A new danger is threatening our world and will come to life on Saturday the 24th at 18:00 ST: Sartharion the Onyx Guardian and his three drake lieutenants.

In the Chamber of Aspects inside the black dragonflight area, a clutch of twilight dragon eggs is located within the Obsidian Sanctum. Dalaran's Council of Six is in the hope that able-bodied adventurers can enter the sanctum and destroy the twisted progeny of Deathwing.

You won't achieve that goal easily, as Sartharion is charged with watching over the twilight eggs and will not be afraid to call on his lieutenants for help. Tenebron, Shadron, and Vesperon are twilight drakes that will call for their own help with Twilight Portals, where dangerous disciples or acolytes can be found inside.

If you face them one by one, the reward shall be of great magnitude and will impact on the fight heavily, but if you face them all at once, the final gift of your feat will be equal of your level of challenge and maybe you are going to be one of the lucky citizens that will have the honor to ride the Black or Twilight Drake.

Even if Tenebron, Shadron, and Vesperon never trusted Sartharion as the true Onyx guardian, they will aid him in battle if you try to defeat him while they are alive. They will open their Twilight Portals in the middle of the fight to help themselves in order to defend the sanctum with their full might and force.

If, for some reason, one of the brave citizens of Dalaran tries to avoid the waves of flame that Sartharion summons in the battle, the entire raid group shall suffer the mortal Pyrobuffet since Sartharion will not tolerate any kind of desertion. All those who flee away will suffer the eternal fire of the Onyx Guardians.

The Nightfall and Twilight Vanquishers of Dalaran will be recognized as true heroes and brave warriors who did an amazing fight to be remembered as it was back in the past of the original world.
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