Black Friday promotion and Crossfaction BG and RDF.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We have some news for you. As you might be already aware, we have enabled the Cross-faction RDF feature within the Dalaran realm. Players have been suggesting that for some time and, even though we tend not to like these kinds of changes, we believe it might benefit the queue times during certain times and, overall, propitiate more activity for both factions. Therefore, we have decided to enable it during this weekend and, if the overall community likes it, it shall stay permanently. If you are happy with it, we are happy.

This brings up a similar topic, which is the so-called Cross-faction battlegrounds - we are on it, we have been implementing this feature for some time, and it is almost ready. We also plan to perform a "weekend test" (possible issues, see if players like it...etc.). It should be enabled any day now.

Next weekend, we shall welcome the Arena Season 6 and the corresponding gear will be available through vendors. Of course, Wintergrasp's gear will also be updated.

Additionally, in order to celebrate Black Friday, every donation made during the next 2 weeks will receive an extra 20% donation points.

We hope you like it, more information about transfers and snapshots should be available soon.

This patch is going to last longer than Naxxramas, but we will not overdo it, as said we will always take into consideration the community feedback and how it goes. We already had in mind the possibility that this Era won't be that populated because of the timing, although further Eras will. As explained in the presentation of the realm and concept, we will generate the activity and fun that should engage the community, thank you for all the feedback and ideas. We will keep trying to do our best!

Thank you for your support!

PS: We might need help from the community gathering video footage for a sponsored video we are working on. If you have material recorded from Dalaran Era I realm, please contact us by ticket ingame.

UPDATE: Crossfaction Battlegrounds are already live in the server.
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