Character transfer from Algalon to Dalaran.

Hello community,

We wanted to provide this feature a bit earlier, but we needed a bit of extra time to perform some improvements. Nonetheless, it is now ready and you can transfer your Algalon’s low level characters to the new Dalaran - Era I realm.

Remember that Dalaran - Era I realm was made to emulate a fresh progression, therefore your characters will be adapted. Being low level characters, it should not affect them much. However, bear in mind that if you have some WoTLK progression items, etc. they will not transfer with you.

The process will be simple but there will be some limitations and things to have in mind:

  • You can't transfer the same character more than once.
  • The characters will have some restrictions applied in order to not interfere with the progression, the same ones that were applied to the first level 80s that were transferred. A quick peek: No item with an item level equal and higher than 200, nothing that comes from WotLK raids and no mats or consumables will be transferred, etc. Plus limited gold. You can read a more detailed list here.
  • Active quests, auctions and mails will not be transferred.
  • You will not lose the character in Algalon, it will remain exactly the same. This is a copy adapted to the new realm.
  • You need to have free character slots in your character list before the transfer is processed (remember it is limited to 10 characters).
  • Anything earned or achieved after the 26th of November will not be present in the transfer.

  • If you had level 80 characters, they should already be in your character list with a Dalaran gown, check your ingame mail and accept the quest: "Welcome to Dalaran" from Archmage Era in the Purple Parlor, after that, she will send you a starter green set via ingame mail.

    Thank you and enjoy!
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