The Vault of Eras

Greetings, Citizens of Dalaran,

We are excited to introduce you to the woundrous Vault of Eras, a place where time intertwines with the memories, treasures and achievements of your past adventures in the realms of Dalaran. We have been hard at work crafting this extraordinary feature to bring a touch of nostalgia and excitement to your journey.

In the initial stages of development, our plan was to integrate the Vault of Eras directly into the in-game experience. However, after careful consideration and extensive testing, we realized that having it within the game could potentially disrupt the immersive nature of the gameplay. To provide a seamless and uninterrupted experience, we have decided to present the Vault of Eras as a web-based interface.

The Vault of Eras offers a journey through time, allowing you to link your characters from the previous era to the Dalaran - Era 1 realm. By establishing this connection, you can unlock the treasures and attunements acquired in Algalon, creating a bridge between the past and the present.

Let's explore the simple process to access and retrieve your items and achievements from the Vault of Eras:


Begin your journey by linking your level 80 character from the previous era to your character in the Dalaran - Era 1 realm. This connection ensures a smooth transition between realms, allowing you to unlock the treasures and attunements acquired in Algalon. This link can only be established between characters of the same class.


Once your characters are linked, the gates to the Vault of Eras will open before you. Simply select the character with which you wish to access the vault, and its contents will be revealed. Remember, only one character can have the vault open at a time, preserving the integrity of your journey.


Within the Vault of Eras, you will find your collection of items and achievements from the previous era, up to the tier preceding the current one. This collection will be expanded with each new Tier / patch in the Dalaran - Era I realm. To retrieve your treasures, simply click the "Retrieve" button next to the desired item. The system will handle the delivery process, ensuring your cherished belongings reach you safely. Please note that it may take a few minutes for the items to be processed in-game, so a moment of patience will reward you with the spoils of your past triumphs.

For achievements, the system offers a unique attunement feature. Upon pressing the "Attune" button, the system will verify if you currently possess the corresponding achievement in the new realm. If you already have it, the option to attune will be disabled in the Vault of Eras. If you have made progress towards the attunement but haven't completed it, the system will grant you all the remaining achievements necessary to fulfill the attunement. And if you haven't started the attunement at all, the achievement will grant you all the necessary achievements in order to have that Tier's complete attunement. We are going to expand this achievement feature so you can also obtain other achievements, not only attunements.

The Vault of Eras is a testament to the rich history and camaraderie shared among our community. It provides a comforting space where cherished memories can be revisited, and new adventures can unfold. We invite you to embrace the magic of this extraordinary concept and immerse yourself in the wonders it has to offer.

May your journey through be filled with excitement, nostalgia, and a renewed sense of awe. Enjoy the treasures that await you and continue forging your path in this Timeless Journey.
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