The Icecrown Citadel release.

Greetings, Citizens of Dalaran,

We're thrilled to share with you that the long-anticipated Icecrown Citadel update is nearly upon us, this extraordinary journey into the icy heart of Northrend begins on July 15th at 18:00 ST.

Prepare yourselves for challenging raids and dungeons that lie within Icecrown, an epoch of great adventure beckons! It's important to note that there won't be any initial assistance from Garrosh Hellscream or Varian Wrynn. This means that there won't be an initial ICC buff. Prepare to face the challenges head-on and let your true strength shine. Additionally, note that raid IDs will be shared between 10-player and 10-player heroic modes, as well as 25-player and 25-player heroic modes, exactly as it worked back in the day.

To aid in your preparations - if you did play on the Algalon realm; make sure to visit the Vault of Eras and retrieve your attunements and valuable items from your past adventures on Algalon, this will bring you one step closer to accessing Icecrown Citadel on the Dalaran realm.

To gain entry into Icecrown Citadel and its dungeons, you'll need to prove your mettle by conquering the Trial of the Crusader. Whether you choose the 10-player or 25-player version, success in this trial will unlock the gates to the frozen citadel.

We wish you the best of luck, Citizens of Dalaran, as you embark on this epic quest. May your blades be sharp, your spells be powerful, and your hearts be filled with courage. The fate of Azeroth and Dalaran rests in your hands!
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