Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays and Winter Veil!

Hello community!

We would like to take advantage of the Winter's Veil seasonal event to wish you happy Holiday on behalf of the staff of Dalaran-WoW.

In this festive season we have to remember having Joy, Love, Peace, and Hope. Joy killing your enemies in the Battleground, Love when you see that hard achievement pop after a long struggle, Peace when you end Wintergrasp after an even battle and Hope, when you are rolling for Mimiron's head. May your heart be full of them in this season!

Greatfather Winter has a list of all those who have been naughty, but if you were good and patient, you will get your presents under the big tree from Ironforge or Orgrimmar in the morning of December 25th. If you did leave some milk and cookies for him, of course.

Rescue the Reindeer, use the Preserved Holly to make your mount more festive, throw snowballs to each other, use the gnomish machines to transform yourselves as little helpers and kill your enemies, because being small and Santa-like dressed does not mean you need to be merciful with the other faction.

Let it snow with the handful of snowflakes you gather from the Winter Revelers, a bit of cold never hurt anyone during this special time of the year, even less after blowing some kisses under the mistletoe.

We really hope you enjoy it in your WotLK Home and have a wonderful time during these special days. We also want to thank you for your constant support and collaboration and of course, we also would like to thank every staff member that helps with their passion and devotion for this project.
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