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We are glad to announce that all players on Dalaran WoW will now have the opportunity to make use of the Recruit-a-Friend feature. Everyone, Premium and non-Premium users can from now on recruit a friend. The only condition to use the feature is that your friend mustn't already have an account with the email that you are recruiting.
  • How to use the Recruit-a-friend feature? *

  1. You must have an account in Dalaran WoW.
  2. You need one character on the Kirin Tor realm (level doesn't matter) to send the request.
  3. Go to this link and send to your friend WITHOUT an account on Dalaran-WoW a request: . You can also follow this path: Account -> Player Options -> Refer a Friend, or click on the Image from Recommended Services about "Recruit a Friend".
  4. Your friend must make the account using the unique code he will receive in his e-mail.
  5. The benefits will only work from level 1 to 60, as it used to be back in WotLK (except the mount rewards).

  • What are the benefits from the Recruit a Friend?:

1 - You and your friend will benefit from x3 rate experience from level 1 to 60 as long as these conditions are met:
  • Be in the same party group and in the same zone (closer than 90 yards).
  • Have your friend in your friend list in-game.
  • The level difference between you must be 4 or less.

2 - Your friend will be able to grant you levels

3 - If you recruit 5 different friends and all of them level up to level 15 or higher, you will be rewarded with the Swift Zhevra mount.

4 - If your friend becomes a Premium User, you will receive the X-53 Touring Rocket (the 2 passenger flying mount).

Enjoy it!

*Read more about how the Recruit a Friend works, here:
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