Make this inn your home

We are waiting for your history! Why the slogan "Make your home here"?

We used the comparison with the taverns of WoW, because we want you to establish your WoW-home here with us, that you set up in Dalaran-WoW, where you are going to be able to enjoy every detail of this game, a place where the community forges the warm essence of the home, returning the life and magic to Dalaran that has always been known. We want you to feel as you are at home, where you can perform heroic feats with your characters as you complete your story without fear of falling into oblivion, thanks to the security and stability that we offer.

In our house, the doors are always wide open for everyone.

What is Dalaran for us and why we choose this name?

Dalaran was the heart and soul of World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It was the meeting point after intense battles and places desired by all those who would set their hearthstone there. It was a city of all kind of possibilities, there were all the professions and trading market, a departure to new destinations, a place to share experiences with others, a place where the atmosphere was charming and comfortable… a place to be and where countless epic chronicles were written.

Ultimately, it was the home of Azeroth, a safe house, stable and friendly where habitants created unforgettable stories. Dalaran’s shining soul remained until the arrival of Cataclysm, after catastrophe everything changed and this wonderful city was completely empty. It’s one of the reasons why our server is called Dalaran, because Cataclysm will never arrive and Dalaran will not fall. It will always stay populated, meaning the heart of WOTLK will stay alive.

That’s the idea we want to transmit using the name of this Magic Kingdom, representing a stable place where you feel at home and where you can experience the essence of this expansion as you deserve. We would like to show people, when they will be playing, the same feeling that flowed through us when we were playing so they could feel the power of Dalaran once again.

The streets of Dalaran are waiting for you, eager to see you all together laughing until the late hours of the dawn awaiting for the inscriptors to begin to write your glorious stories full of adventures.

Who are we?

Our project consists of components based on players which have many years of experience from their past adventures in Azeroth and Outlands, in all the areas of the game from PvP, to High End Game raiding (even some of them have over 9000 achievement points in WOTLK) . We’ve also been guild leaders for a long time. We began in retail and we were there until Cataclysm came, after that we tried different private servers. None has the characteristics we were looking for, so we decided to create the true Blizzlike server, and share it with the people so they can also enjoy it.

We are multidisciplinary, international
and qualified team. We have merged
our skills, knowledge and experience
together with our passion for The
Wrath of The Lich King expansion.
We are Software Engineers,
Developers, Sociologists,
Pedagogues and Designers,
so we are a team full of different
sciences with great perspective.
From students to professional
developers with years of experience
in different companies. Each and
every one of us loves this expansion.

We are dedicated and committed, if we do something, we do it right.
In our team, we are all experts in something, both in the game and in the area we are developing the project. On top of that we have knowledge how to adapt balance between quality of service and quality of gameplay.

Why choose us and not one server with more "life-time" and more population?

We have created a perfect world for people around the world who really miss to play WOTLK, in which we are endeavouring to ensure that everything runs smoothly and our users can access all available content of this expansion of the way that was experienced on Retail in the past. We want to make this project successful that will consist of one of the largest community based solely on WOTLK, being the first, truly faithful server to the restrictions and regulations established by Blizzard, a true Blizzlike server that keeps the original essence and quality.

We are fully aware that there are a lot of private servers now, but we have focused and specialized on WOTLK, and we have not included any custom content and we never will. All our realms are and will always stay WOTLK.

Our main goal is to improve the content and have the bug free World of Warcraft server that has been never seen so far, we shall even try to fix the bugs that were kept for a long time originally from Blizzard. Check it out yourself and see that they are not only mere words.

We offer several ways to experience all the content. On our first Realm available after the release, the content is released in the normal way. However, the next Realm, will be exclusively progressive, in which we will publish the updates gradually, in the same order that Blizzard did in his time. So our community will have the opportunity to experience the way they prefer.

We want to provide an appropriate environment where our community will continue to grow comfortable and stable, because we consider it as one of the most important parts of WoW. We shall unify the different ways in which everyone can participate and keep abreast of what is happening in our world, providing constant activity to the community both in game and on the forums. Our website is synchronized with the game and with social networks, so you can enjoy these tools both individually and together with other people.

The loyalty and perseverance will be rewarded as Blizzard did with small prizes or gifts on certain dates. Of course, consider it essential to recognize people’s contributions to the community, work hard in game, etc … Those who demonstrate their commitment, both in Azeroth and forums will be taken into account by our staff. For example we shall provide The Hall of Fame to those who perform well, those who support guides or videos of our server strategies, or any kind of epic videos, etc…

Regarding the guild, we think that we as managers must appreciate the effort and hours spent into any area (not only in High End Game Raiding or Hardcore PvP), so when a guild or a player does something remarkable, we take care of that to share it with our entire Community.

For example, everyone will know when someone will achieve Realm First:”Death’s Demise” or Realm First:”Celestial Defender” and simillar achievements and they will be known as true hardcore players which will be remembered on The Server Hall of Fame.

We watch, we listen to people, since we have been players for many years and know well the role of a player, we understand your needs and problems. As we said our main goal is to create a “house” so you can feel more comfortable than you ever felt in WoW. We are here for you in pain and glory. We will give you the opportunity and we shall reward those who deserve it and we shall punish those who cheat or do not respect our rules. All “well-documented” reports will be taken into the account.

Something that stands out, is how much we know each other from staff members and how close we are for years, we are extremely hardworking and perfectionists. You will see that yourself how we constantly update and improve our web-site and in-game experience.

Our brains are generators of ideas, and with them we will be creating and inovating new features, always consider the opinion of our community. You are the one who is going to spend so much time playing with Dalaran-WoW community, you are the one that will direct us so we can adjust everything that you might like and it will fill your needs.

We’re waiting for these, so called, legendary heroes who will get Realm first achievements. During the development of this project, we have received much support from the people, and we are surprised that the number of people who are very interested and decided to join us after the official release. With that, the fact that you can get Realm first achievements on the server that will preserve and there is a large community, is very valuable and that is a worthwhile thing to do.

Why do we exactly do this now even being aware that there are many servers?

As already mentioned, we are a professional team, each of us has worked or studied something related to its role in the project and we have many years played through WoW in Hardcore PvP / PvE aspect, aswell as leading the top guilds. Which brings us to: “Why do we do this?”. We have tried and mastered everything and we want to make reality of this utopia we’ve always invisioned, which in our eyes is a server with a community which can grow and be respeted by many others meanwhile we develop the best and the first pure Blizzlike Server: promotions, encounters quality, original rates…etc, a perfect World Of Warcraft place to be for a long time.

As players, we felt the lack of justice and attention from managers and GMs on the other servers, we had all kind of problems ingame and we have been completely ignored. So, after a series of disappointments, we started slowly creating the idea of ​​this project, a server where the staff cares and listens to the people, in which every single person feel at home no matter what, and can enjoy the quality of the content. We wanted to create the support system as we would have liked to have: Objective, fair, comprehensive, that understands the game, who cares about us and our well being / ingame experience, and create an environment in which everyone can play by the rules and guidelines of conduct established by us. In short, professional support, organized and easy to access, that listens to users. Basically our goal continues to create a strong Warcraft community.

When we finished defining the basic idea, several close people more, felt interest and joined the team. People multidisciplinary with studies in sociology and pedagogy, which develops a very important part of the project.

Merging all this plus a insane portion of illusion, Dalaran-WoW rises.