Dalaran: A Timeless Journey

What a long, beautiful trip it's been!

Allow us to have a moment of your time to explain what we have designed and planned for our realms, please. It is in a form of an extensive presentation with plenty of details and the reason why some ideas were born, where we will also let you know about the philosophy behind our work and our future plans.

As Rhonin uses to say:

It's up to each of us to prove this is a world worth saving. That our lives... our lives are worth living.


As many of you may know, it has been quite a long Journey - and we intend for it to continue for the long term. It started a bit more than 9 years ago, when we designed the concept of a Progressive server in order to create the first realm with such features: Algalon. We also wanted to provide a competitive challenge, so we came up with the idea to buff encounters and implement the pre-nerf status for the first time - we feel really honored that since then, it has been a standard on the private server scene.

Algalon has been a home for many years and for many players from all around the world. We understand some refreshments need to be made on such a long-lived realm, and we have tried our best. Always being our community's opinion the most important thing and what guided Algalon's course.

Some time ago, long before any seasonal servers existed, we launched a proposal to our community with the presentation of the Second Era, in order to freshen the air on the Algalon realm. About half of the active community didn't want it to happen directly in Algalon, therefore we listened and we didn't go ahead with it. However, since the presentation was public, even though we didn't go ahead ourselves because of our community's decision it looks like it became a new standard afterwards.

Since then, we have been working on a way to keep loyal to our ideals and be respectful to every player who ever played on Dalaran-WoW. Bit by bit, and with the Second Era's structure as base, we have been designing a concept as well as implementing the underlying support systems to bring alive an idea that merges both, the thrill of a new progression and the respect towards the players time and effort. A place where collectionists and players who are attached to their characters can enjoy a new progression every now and then, without losing anything.

But not only this, also a place in a form of a new realm where anyone who ever played on Algalon can just log in with his/her old character and enjoy an active new progresion, with the character on the Algalon realm being absolutely intact and, all of it while earning new items, achievements, mounts...etc. On top of that, even though new Eras may come, this player will always have those new acquired things. This is where our new system "Bound to Dalaran" takes place, allowing players to make their character grow through Eras and realms. We will be explaining all this thoroughly through the presentation.

At the very beginning, we said we wanted to create an eternal progression. And this is what we are doing, whether you have a character from 2013, 2022 or you still haven't created yours, you are going to be able to enjoy a new progression in a home that will take care of you while appreciating and preserving your work done on your character.


Being a server with 9 years on its back, we have seen countless players under different situations. Some were playing without breaks for 5 years, others took 3 year breaks... Whatever the situation is, we have identified a very common factor: everyone has always appreciated being able to log in and continue their character story where they left it. The simple fact of looking at your achievements from a few years back, and seeing that all the work is intact is a feeling of comfort for most of the players.

Even though we don't have the time anymore, it is something that we as players have always appreciated, therefore is an ideal that we wanted to accomplish so our community could enjoy it too.

This is our motivation, we want to provide the experience of a new progression while showing respect towards all the Algalon's players, no matter if current or past. But, at the same time, provide a Home so new players that have never played on Algalon can enjoy the thrill of this progression on a long term project. Everyone altogether.

We love this game and its original days, and we love our community.

Why we care so much about the community?

Even though we have not been able to play ourselves for the last 8 years, we feel we are part of this community. We made the decision from the very beginning to always be "invisible" ingame, and never ever under any circumstance talk in public chats - only do it via whispers to the players writing tickets, in order to not interfere with the player immersion. We laughed with you more than you could imagine, we have seen incredible people playing here over the years, we have even cried. We feel passion about this game and this home.

It might sound a bit odd but, sometimes we have felt a parenting feeling of love towards the server. We could also say we see the whole server as a big guild.

This intense feeling, this community, your work on your characters - must be preserved no matter what we do in order to improve or freshen the server, it will be our constant.

Why now?

Many players have asked us over the years to create a new realm, they wanted to enjoy with their friends a new progression on a server they conceived as their home, gear themselves as they raid together from Naxxramas, start again PvPing from season 5, etc. We didn't want to break our community, as long as there is one we shall always respect their time.

We are a small team with jobs and designing all this, as well as implementing everything was slow. So now that we have it finally ready is the moment to start this new long-term adventure.

We understand there are some things on the horizon. But, for us, it doesn't matter what happens - we have had high, medium and low populations over the years. We have seen the pros and cons to every form and we know how to propitiate activity. So, we are happy with whatever the outcome is - and what we can certainly provide is a home that, if players decide to take a break, they can come in 6 months, in 2 years... and their characters will be here, no matter what. Population is important, but having a community and character perpetuity is much more significant for us.

This will be a project for the long term, so even if due to the timing, the first Era is not as populated as some might expect, the second one will sure be. Experience has shown us that players tend to come back after checking other things. As you will see, the base concepts and systems will allow us to constantly welcome an influx of old and new players. So even if now is not the perfect timing, all this aims to have its effect on the long term, not just at the beginning.

If there is something that we can say about ourselves is that we are very perseverant, we never give up; we always keep working and try to come up with out of the box thinking with new ideas.

For us, being able to create a home where new players and players from Algalon are able to start a new progression together, is truly magical and beautiful.

With this new model that we are about to present, everything is thought to be very long term.

Our promise:

  1. We will give our best to continue providing a great and long lasting WoTLK Home for you and your friends.
  2. No matter what happens, your characters will be there, exactly as you left them, on any future endeavour. Always.

Dalaran: our new home.

1. A Timeless Journey

This is where the journey starts.

Before continuing - we would like to apologise for all those who didn't appear in the video. It is impossible to show everyone, but our intention is to represent every single player who have every played, the 100% of Dalaran-WoW's community. We truly hope you liked it.

2. Realm specifications


This realm is an homage to our community, it is dedicated to every single soul who has ever played on our realms. It is the least we can do for you, it is a way to show that we continue to care about your work and characters' story, your friendships... This allows everyone to keep playing on Algalon but at the same time have the opportunity to enjoy a new progression with their same characters but without losing anything. It is also an eulogy to WoTLK and every single player who loves it. Everyone is invited to join our new Home and savour a new progresion, on a long term project.

This being said, Dalaran is a new kind of realm where those players who have been playing for years and new players will be able to enjoy a Blizzlike WoTLK PvE and PvP progression from the very beginning on an Era-based server. A realm that, whatever you obtain, it is yours forever - it shall persist when a new Era begins. Additionally, everything you earn will also become available in Algalon.


Before continuing, let's define a few concepts that will appear on several occasions:

  • Era: It is a romantic view of WoTLK's progression cycle or timeline. It starts from Naxxramas and with the PvP Season 5, and it ends some time after the Ruby Sanctum's release and with the PvP Season 8.

  • The Vault of Eras: It is a system that will allow you to retrieve the items that you obtained on Algalon and/or Previous Eras.

  • Dalaran-bound: A new concept for our servers that will provide a way to complete your characters through Eras and realms.

Note: From now on, when we refer to "collectables", we will mean: achievements, achievement progress, stats, items, mounts, professions, recipes...


  1. It will be a full Blizzlike ingame experience and most importantly, loyal to the original days. No custom or new things.
  2. The rates of everything will be x1.**
  3. It will be a PvP realm.

There will be some of the Algalon's systems present, whose only reason of existance is to emulate a Blizzlike feeling:

  • The Individual WotLK Raid Attunement system: every player will need to be properly attuned in order to enter raids/dungeons.
  • Emblem system: Each character will receive the corresponding emblems from dungeons based on their own personal progression.
  • Pre-Nerf encounters: As always, many encounters will be on their famous “pre-nerf” status, making them a bit more challenging.
  • Encounter buffs: Bosses from WoTLK raids will have increased health and damage output to balance the 3.3.5a talents (re-adjusted through upcoming Betas).
  • Vault of Archavon: It will work as it has been since 2013 - The Raid will adapt to the current progression of the group. Each boss is linked to its corresponding Tier.
  • Beta Sessions before every Tier release: We have always done this and we think this is still a must, an event that helps us to keep polishing everything as much as possible thanks to the help from our community.
  • PvE tournaments before every Tier release: It’s a fun and challenging event with nice rewards that we also consider fundamental.
  • Loot from Seasonal Events: As some Seasonal events drop items that may interfere with the Progression essence, the drop is restricted to the appropriately attuned players.

We would like to also introduce PvP Tournaments, mostly for arenas and battlegrounds. The faction tournament present on Algalon will not be active on the new realm and it will disabled on Algalon. We could consider adding it when the realm is on an advanced stage if players want it. The High End incentive system won't be there either.

** For us, it is pretty important for it to be x1. However, we understand that nowadays it might be quite slow for some players. We intend to be totally Blizzlike so, in case the overall community prefers to have a command switch between x1 and x3, this would be the only thing we would be open to change (regarding "Blizzlike-ality").

About Algalon characters and limitations.

For now, only the level 80 characters will automatically be in the new realm, you don't have to do anything. Doesn't matter if this player stopped playing a few years ago - every single level 80 will be by default there so everyone can continue their character story. They will be locked and not accessible until every class/race and profession realm first achievements are obtained. Then, all the level 80 characters will be unlocked and you will be able to log in with them. Note that you will have two versions of your level 80 characters as the ones in Algalon will always be there, untouched. After some time, we will allow transfers for lower levels.

Your character will be exactly as it was on Algalon, you will have the same "collectables". Except for certain things that may interfere with the progression of the new realm and they will not be availbe at the beginning. We will post a full list shortly, but let's see an example:

Retrieving the belongings
Now, even though you may not have all your WoTLK raid related collectables when the new realm start, you may acquire them later when the progression has reached a certain point and it doesn't have any negative impact at all. For that, there will be a system called The Vault of Eras which was part of the Second's Era proposal.

However, we have improved it and made it simpler so the players do not have to do anything. This will be explained further in its own section.
  • WoTLK Reputations
  • Gathering/Crafting items or any item that may affect the new economy.
  • Items with item level greater or equal than 200.
  • Currencies.
  • Emblems.
  • Arena/Honor Points.
  • WoTLK progression-related keys.
  • No mail.
  • Guilds.
  • Arena teams.

  • Note that these limitations are only applied to the Dalaran realm's characters. Algalon's will remain exactly the same.

  • Players will be able to purchase a very basic green starting gear from a vendor on the Purple Parlor at Dalaran.

  • Items from the Donation/Vote Shop: We have never had any kind of "pay to win" items in the shop as we only have some cosmetic things, bags or mounts. So, if you have donated or voted and you have purchased something from our shop, it will be also on the new server, of course - it has no impact whatsoever. Now, every Bind on Equip (BoE) item from the shop will go back to being Bind on Pickup (BoP) in order to not interfere with the new economy.

  • About Guilds.

    Guilds and guild banks are not being transfered per se. However, guild masters from Algalon may request a guild name reservation on the new realm. More info about this soon.

    3. About the Eras.

    There will be two defining moments on each Era:

    The beginning of an Era

    Right after the new realm releases, the first Era will begin. For this first one, Algalon's players will have their level 80 characters over the new realm with some restrictions applied in order to not interfere with the upcoming progression and have fair competition, as well as a healthy economy.

    • Those characters will be locked, this means they can't enter into the world until every class/race and profession realm first are achieved.

    • For Eras other than the first one, not only Algalon's character but also all those level 80s who were created during the previous Era will be present from the start.

    • Remember that all the collectables obtained on Algalon or previous Eras will be retrievables as the progression advances and that you will have them all always available on Algalon.

    The end of an Era.

    Some time after Ruby Sanctum's release, the Era will come to an end and we shall welcome a new one. Before it begins, each character will be merged on Algalon or directly transferred there if this was a new character created on the new Dalaran realm.

    Who would be the character-base of each Era?

    1. First Era: Every level 80 character from Algalon + new players who start on the new realm (lower levels will also be able to transfer later).

    2. Second Era: Every character from the First Era + new players who start during the new realm's second Era.

    3. Third Era: Every character from the Second Era + new players who start during the new realm's third Era.
    4. ...

    Note that the character base is incremental. It starts with Algalon characters but as new players join, further Era's character-base will increase.

    For example, imagine that you are a new player and you start on the new Dalaran realm after its release, this is, during the first Era. You create a new character and reach level 80 in order to progress through the content. Then, the next Era your character will be there so you can continue playing and repeat the progression.

    4. Dalaran-bound.

    In order to preserve all the work that players have done and will do on their characters, we started reshaping the Second Era's idea that we did propose a few years ago. We felt that this community and all of its players is something that is worth every second of our time, so we struggled our brains to make this work. And we believe that this, together with the rest of the Dalaran's realm concept shows how important players are for us. No matter if past, current or new player.

    With this, what we want to achieve is a sense of identity. Your character is bound to Dalaran-WoW and whatever you do with him/her, it shall be reflected on any of your realms or whatever endeavours we embark in the future. On top of that, when you earn something, it is yours forever.


    • When you earn something, it is yours forever.

    • Even if you progress through the content on different Eras.

    • When you earn something, your Algalon's character also obtains it.

    This new concept is what will make every character grow incrementally through Eras and realms. As it has been said up until now; once the first Era from the Dalaran realm starts, your level 80s from Algalon will be present over there. Now, when you earn something on the Dalaran realm that you didn't have on Algalon, it will become available everywhere. Making your character grow between realms.

    Something similar will happen too for new players through Eras. Everyone will keep all of their belongings as we welcome further Progression cycles.

    Thus, when you earn something, whether you came from Algalon or started from scratch on the new realm, it will always be yours. However, upon their beginning, the character base will receive a restriction applied, some sort of soft reset as explained above.

    Here, we can divide the collectables into two different types:

    1. Non WoTLK progression-related collectables.
      1. When the new Era begins, your level 80 characters will keep everything you have obtained on Algalon and previous Eras. You will have all of your old collectables.

    2. WoTLK progression-related collectables.
      1. When the new Era begins, your level 80 character won't have these available at first. However, you will be able to retrieve them as the progression advances. When a realm first is achieved, everyone will have the ability to claim every collectable obtained up to the previous tier (For example, when the ToC's realm first is achieved, you will have your Algalon's/previous Eras' Ulduar achievements).

  • Algalon's characters will receive this restriction on the new realm when the first Era is released.

  • In this voice-guide video, you will be able to learn about the basics of this concept and how the new realm works:

    5. Obtaining collectables from Algalon/Previous Eras: The Vault of Eras.

    The Vault of Eras is the system we designed in order to retrieve the WoTLK's High-End PvE/PvP progression collectables from every player obtained on Algalon or previous Eras. It was conceived back in the day in order to support the Second's Era idea. However, we have improved it and simplified how it works.

    This system allows you to safeguard your hard work and efforts through Eras and to enjoy the thrill of a fresh, fair and competitive progression while getting everything back gradually as a new Era advances. In order to ease the bag space for those players who plan to gear their characters through Eras, before the release of each tier there will be a character snapshot. This way players can safely delete the gear on the new realm from their bags and still claim it on further Eras.

    The Vault of Eras will have just one phase, which will be exactly as it was explained on its original presentation:

    First, each time a new Tier is released, there will be a snapshot of your character's items. This way you will be able to safely delete the unwanted items on the new realm and save some bag space. These snapshotted items will be avaliable during the next Era.

    Phase: ACCESS.

    This phase will happen several times throughout each Era.

    When a Vault of Eras: Access phase occurs, everything related to previous Tiers that players earned either in Algalon or in previous Eras shall be unlocked permanently and they will be able to retrieve it whenever they wish.

    We will schedule a date for it shortly after each of these events happen on the realm:

    1. Ulduar: Realm First! Death's Demise - Players will be able to retrieve from The Vault of Eras their collectables related to the Tier 7 and heroic dungeons.

    2. Trial of the Crusader: Realm First! Grand Crusader - Players will be able to retrieve from The Vault of Eras their collectables related to the Tier 8 and below.

    3. Icecrown Citadel: A raid defeats Fall of the Lich king 25 players (normal mode) for the first time. Players will be able to retrieve from The Vault of Eras their collectables related to the Tier 9 and below.

    4. Icecrown Citadel: Realm First! Fall of the Lich King - Players will be able to retrieve from The Vault of Eras their collectables related to the Tier 10 (only normal difficulty) and below.

    5. Ruby Sanctum: Upon opening, Players will be able to retrieve from The Vault of Eras their collectables related to the Tier 10 (heroic mode) and below.

    Now, we also need to specify a few additional details.

    Achievements: When you retrieve the snapshotted achievements from the Vault of Eras, they will keep their original date. This means you can proudly show you participated in Algalon realm or previous Eras.

    Note: By being able to retrieve the First Era's achievements from previous tiers, we give value in a fair way without affecting the progression, to those players who also wish to participate with their alter characters that they worked so much on Algalon or on Previous Eras.

    Let’s see some quick examples:

    • Example 1: A player doesn’t have an achievement from Algalon or a previous Era. He/She earns it through a new Era - that's it, nothing happens.

    • Example 2: A player earns an achievement on the new Dalaran realm and he/she already had it back on Algalon or a previous Era. Two options: Keep the recently earned achievement or go to The Vault of Eras and request the old one with the old date.

    • Example 3: A player who had an achievement (e.g: Firefighter 10 players) from the First Era wishes to recover it as he/she doesn't have it on this Second Era. This player can request to retrieve such achievement when we enable The Vault of Eras: Access, some time after the Realm First! Grand Crusader is achieved in Trial of the Crusader.

    6. Dalaran realm's timeline.

    7. Release date.

    Dalaran realm will be released on August 19, at 18:00 GMT+2. You can watch here our date announce trailer:

    Possible questions and examples.

    1. Why and what does it achieve?

    Because we care about our playerbase and we believe in the eternal progressive nature that we presented 9 years ago.

    Basically a character who started with us in 2013 or later can continue his character progression together with a totally new player who starts from scratch when Dalaran realm is released. Both can progress together under the same circumstances through the WoTLKs raids and both can complete their characters.

    This system allows the old players to continue completing their character, even after so many years. All this, while enjoying a new progression.

    Not only this but, it also creates a continuous cycle of players joining. We have been a home for many players. As mentioned at the beginning of the presentation, we have always noticed old players loging after a big break. Some continued playing for some time or others just came ingame to say hi to old acquitances, or even others who didn't want to continue playing as there wasn't an active progression anymore, just the last patch etc.

    Thanks to this system, they can still log in and do the same on the new realm, where there will be a progression going on which they can join whenever they want.

    Some examples:

    Let's use some specific examples in order to ilustrate different possible situations:

    Example 1:

    A player who came from Algalon earns an achievement from TBC that he was missing in Algalon. This new achievement will be kept through the Eras and it will also be earned on the Algalon realm. This means that, after the current Era ends, this character will have all the non WoTLK related achievements plus this extra TBC one, from the very first day.

    Example 2:

    A new player who started during the first Era obtains the Twin Blades of Azzinoth (for example). When that Era ends and the second one begins, this player will have by default the item.

    Example 3:

    A player who came from Algalon had "Heartbreaker" achievement there. Upon joining the first Era on the Dalaran realm, this achievement will not be available. However, as the progression advances, if he does not earn it again during this second Era, he will be able to claim it when the ToC's realm first achievement is obtained.

    This example might apply to a new player who started playing during a certain Era. If he obtained this achievement, he will not have it right after the next Era starts. But, he will be able to claim it when the time comes. Everything will be there, always.

    Example 4:

    A player who stopped playing in 2016 comes back and logs in with their old Algalon characters, on the Dalaran realm. The current Tier is Ulduar. When the realm frist from Ulduar is achieved, this player can claim his old Naxxramas gear and continue playing normally.

    Example 5:

    A player from the Algalon realm has been working on achievements such as Loremaster or the Insane and those are still in progress when he starts on the new Dalaran Realm. There is no problem at all, he can continue on the new realm exactly where he left it, the achievement and stats progression will be the same. If he achieves them, those not only will persist through future Eras but his Algalon realm character also will obtain them automatically.

    Example 6:

    It can be seem as it Timelines would be merged. Players from all kind of different timelines can join this new realm and enjoy a new progression together. A guild which is raiding Naxxramas might be formed by new players who just started playing, as well as players who stopped playing in 2019, or even players who are still playing on Algalon. Everyone altogether, can progress through the WoTLK content knowing that whatever they do, whatever they earn, it will always be there AND on Algalon realm. Nothing will ever be lost and their time will feel worth the effort.

    2. Why might this experience interest a new player?

    We are going to provide a long-term, brand-new and Blizzlike progression with hard and challenging encounters through the WoTLK.

    However, it is not only about that. Those players who wish to feel they are respected and that their time and work invested into their characters is never lost might appreciate the idea of enjoying a new progression while preserving all their feats through the Eras. These are not just words, take for example what we have mentioned about players from 2013 or 2014. We have kept their characters intact over all these years and now that, after 8 years, we are going to perform a big step, we are not forgetting them, we are trying to provide a new home where they have a place. With you, and with everyone else.

    Dalaran is not just a server, it is a community and everyone is more than welcome. It is a place where you can forge incredible friendships.

    If you are a player who wishes to be part of a long lasting community where to enjoy a new and challenging progression while knowing that your time is appreciated and as a consequence, your characters will never be lost; this might be a realm for you.

    3. How will these systems affect Algalon?

    In practically nothing. Your Algalon's characters will be absolutely intact. You will play on the new realm with a different version of your character, even though you keep everything, you are on a different realm. Whatever you obtain on the Dalaran realm, your Algalon's character will also obtain it. If you don't want this you will be given the chance to opt out of this feature.

    After the end of each Eras, every new character created on the Dalaran realm will be copied to Algalon. Bear in mind that this character will still exist on the new Realm and you can continue playing the new upcoming progression and continue completing him/her. The same as the rest of the players, now that your character is also on Algalon, whatever you earn on the Dalaran realm will also be available for you on Algalon.

    4. There are some systems that don't sound like Blizzlike. Why do you say it is Blizzlike?

    For us, Blizzlike is the experience. This is, playing the WoTLK with your character as it was back in the day, content with absolutely nothing modified (no modified encounters with different spells, no crossfaction, no transmogrification, no custom content overall) and a behaviour as close as possible to the original. In our server, you won't find different ways to learn spells, or things that may result intrusive while playing. We strive to provide an original experience.

    Every single system we implemented is thought to emulate a Blizzlike feeling of progression. You won't feel ingame something weird or unnatural to WoTLK, you will feel that you are playing the old WoTLK days. In order to achieve a realm with the characteristics we have designed (Era-based progression, keeping characters for so much time while progressing...etc), we need certain systems. However, those will be totally unnoticeable by players as they are within another abstraction layer. Therefore, the game experience will be totally Blizzlike.

    5. Are we perfect? About realm development and its status.

    We have been up for years and fixed countless of things, however, we are far from perfect. We are happy with the state of our raids as they have been played and tested for many players over the years which has helped us polishing them thanks to their reports etc. Even though they are enjoyable, you can still find bugs here and there. Do not expect perfection, although we will continue working hard to improve the server.

    As you probably know, I, Lothloryen has been alone for most of the time in regards of the server development. Some bugs have resisted me for quite some time, I am happy to say that I have fixed some of those and they will corrected for the new realm's release (Algalon will also receive this update). In addition, I am also happy to say that I will have the help from an extra developer.

    Of course, we have also learnt from our mistakes and we will improve thanks to that.

    This being said, we believe that the overall feeling of the server, quests, dungeons, raids...etc, is pretty enjoyable. We have put a lot of effort into details, mechanics...etc.

    6. So, what now?

    Now that we have announced both the Trailer and this presentation, today we will start running several advertisement campaigns in order to reach possible new players, as well as old ones who might be interested into continuing with their old beloved characters.

    If you and your friends would like to contribute by helping us making this news reaching new and/or old players, it would be lovely!

    Thank you so much for reading!