Transfers: when will it happen?

Hupp @ Algalon

80 Gnome Mage
Snapshot was done today. When will the new level 80 be transfered from Algalon to Dalaran-Era-1 ?

Tcat @ Algalon

80 Undead Warlock
I would also like to know how to acquire a new snapshot of my 80? I've been playing on Algalon and would hate to lose the additional progress I've made since they created this new split server thing.

Bankaltz @ Algalon

Orc Warrior
yes please, need to bring over a tank & heal character to help out

Bankaltz @ Algalon

Orc Warrior
Also, when will the next PVP set be available? Should remove arena rating on items since no one arenas here so it's not possible to get them

and there is no Conquest badge vendors in Dalaran

Crapbag @ Kirin Tor
Human Warrior
I really hope the intent wasn't to only snapshot and transfer more 80s from Algalon. Cause that's gonna be like single digit numbers at best. I expected the level requirement to go down quite a bit further than that since my 70s toons have just been idling due to the pop numbers lately and anything below 80 in the new realm is practically non existent.

Loliangler @ Kirin Tor

Draenei Paladin
Yeah, I'm also counting on having a level 70 and a level 10 character transferred

Hupp @ Algalon

80 Gnome Mage
I think its worth to have more characters and players transfer from Algalon to Dalaran-Era-1.

I also had MANY people asking if lower characters could transfer. Some have level 60 set to play the classic raids like that. Others are just waiting for the Xfer to play their lower level characters again.
I know player who will play on Dalaran if transfer happens...Each case is different, many wants it.

Tired @ Algalon
Troll Mage
Can GM give an update on this pls? Many (including myself) have toons under level 80 waiting to transfer.
I think there was a thread in which it was said that this will happen upon Ulduar release.. which has now happened.

Hupp @ Algalon

80 Gnome Mage
Yes. I know people who are waiting for this... Please let us know how it will be, whatever it is.

Malkavia @ Algalon
Staff Member
Hello there,

We are currently working in order to have the transfers from Algalon ready as soon as possible. We needed to delay it a bit, but will keep you updated, no worries!

Necromanica @ Kirin Tor
Blood Elf Mage
my DK is still not transfered to the new realm

Baelstormer @ Kirin Tor

80 Dwarf Paladin
hi, lm still waiting for my toons to be xfered, l sent in game tickets and email to [email protected] and yet to get a response. All my characters were 80 before the 2nd snapshot in late nov 2022. Are they still hapening?

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