How to use the Recruit a Friend.

Malkavia @ Kirin Tor
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Edited by Malkavia on 2019-02-12 19:16:30

We are glad to announce that all players on Dalaran WoW will now have the opportunity to make use of the Recruit-a-Friend feature. Everyone, Premium and non-Premium users can from now on recruit a friend. The only condition to use the feature is that your friend mustn't already have an account with the email that you are recruiting.


1) How to use the Recruit-a-friend feature

You must have an account in Dalaran WoW.
You need one character on the Kirin Tor realm (level doesn't matter) ONLY to send the request.
Go to this link and send to your friend WITHOUT an account on Dalaran-WoW a request: . You can also follow this path: Account -> Player Options -> Refer a Friend or click on the Image from Recommended Services about "Recruit a Friend".
Your friend must make the account using the unique code he will receive in his e-mail.
The benefits will only work from level 1 to 60, as it used to be back in WotLK (except the mount rewards).

2) What are the benefits from the Recruit a Friend?:

You and your friend will benefit from x3 rate experience from level 1 to 60 as long as these conditions are met:

- Be in the same party group and in the same zone (closer than 90 yards).
- Have your friend in your friend list in-game.
- The level difference between you must be 4 or less.

Your friend will be able to grant you levels.

If you recruit 5 different friends and all of them level up to level 15 or higher, you will be rewarded with the Swift Zhevra mount .

If your friend becomes a Premium User, you will receive the X-53 Touring Rocket (the 2 passenger flying mount).


1) What is "Recruit a Friend" feature?

Recruit a Friend is a Blizzard feature to reward people who help the game to be spreaded around among those who are interested in playing it. This feature links two accounts with some benefits in the game that lasts only until level 60 (except the mount rewards).

2) Who can refer a friend?

EVERYONE, Premium users or Non-Premium users can always refer a friend. The only condition to use the feature "Refer a Friend" and benefit from ALL its features is that your friend doesn't already have an account with the email that you are refering.

3) What advantages does have "Refer a Friend" feature?

"Refer a friend" will have the following advantages:

You and the referred friend will have extra benefits on the experience obtained during the gameplay, so that means all your experience will be three times higher then it usually is, so that way you can level up faster. In order to take advantage from the x3 experience, you both must be in party, in the same level range and playing in the same area.
When you use this system, you will get additional feature to summon each other with 1 hour of cooldown.
Each time when your friend gains two levels, he can grant you with additional level, but of course there is a restricted range between that (for example one level 40 will not be able to grant a level to a level 1).
If you refer to five friends and those friends make an account with you to play, you will get a "Swift Zevhra " as a reward, but the mount can only be used after level 40 or higher.
If any of your referred friends becomes a premium user, you will get a rocket mount (X-53 Touring Rocket ), this mount is only usable after you reach level 60 or higher, and you can fly with your friend on it.

4) Who can benefit from those advantages?

Any kind of users from Dalaran-WoW can benefit from them.

5) Can anyone refer me if I have an account already?

No, there is no way you can get a referral for an existing account, even if you have no characters on it.

6) What can I do to get the rocket? How many rockets i can get?

The only way to get a rocket is when your referred friend donates for the server. Like in Blizzard, in the same moment your friend payed the first month subscription, the recruiter gets the mount. So if your friend becomes premium user you will get the mount and you can only get one rocket per character, so if you have 5 characters you can get 5 rockets always you achieve to refer 5 different friends who donate for us.

7) If I mistakenly sent the rocket to a character that already has it, what can I do to revert it?

There is nothing you or Dalaran-WoW staff can do. So please, be sure to which character you are going to send the mount to, and also remember you only can use it once you are level 60, so it can remain in your account without it being sent.

* Algalon's characters: Meanwhile the website tool is not working for you, you can write a private message to Lothloryen in website and he will manage it.

8) Who will get the rocket in the linked accounts?

The person who will get the rocket in the linked accounts will be the recruiter one, not the recruited. If the recruited refers another player that become premium user too, that one will also get the mount.

9) How can I summon my friend?

First off, you will have to add your friend into your friends list, on the social tab in-game. Then one icon will appear near the name of your friend, and when it’s not on cooldown you can use it, also you have to always be in a party group and you have your friend selected on the party frame. You have to click it with the mouse on the icon, don’t move to not interrupt the cast, when the cast is finished, an option will appear on your friend's screen to accept the summon or not.

10) If the Summon doesn't work, what do I have to do?

The first option is to relog both accounts. Sometimes if there were some changes in the database from you or your friend, without logging out from the game, the features may not work properly, so after a log out and log in it should get fixed. If the problem persists, please contact a GM in-game or submit a premium ticket and will gladly help you.

11) How can I get extra levels from my friend?

First of all, your friend has to be the referred one, if that the case, you have to be in party and near each other. Then one option will appear on the menu of actions in your friend's frame: Grant a level. Select it and a message will in your friend's screen allowing the level to be granted or not.

12) How can I give extra levels to my friend?

You have to be the recruited one to grant levels to your friend and it works exactly as the previous questions answer. For every two you gain, you can grant one level back to the recruiter providing the character is on the same realm and faction and is of lower level than you.

** Explanation related to the experience taken from the Blizzard's Forums:

Q. Ok, This is weird, I can summon my friend but the amount of experience we are getting does not seem right! It’s supposed to be triple exp!!

A. If you are able to Summon Friend, then you are linked so all is working as it should be. Players often forget that experience gain whilst in a party is always split between the players. In order to explain a little clearer, it is easiest by using an example :-

-You are not in a Party (Solo) and you kill a boar. The game awards you 100xp.
-You are in a standard party (without RAF) and you kill the same boar. The game awards 100xp which is split between both players, so that earns you 50xp each.
-You are in an RAF Party and kill the same boar. The game awards 300xp (100 x 3) which is split between both players, so that earns you 150xp each.

** Source

Kritpwns @ Kirin Tor

1 Blood Elf Hunter
How do you know when accounts are linked? is there any way to find out ?

Noonie @ Kirin Tor

70 Tauren Druid
You state that there are level restrictions in regards to the referred friend granting levels to the person that referred them.

Can you explain what these level restrictions are please?

Omg @ Kirin Tor

2 Human Warrior
Edited by Omg on 2014-09-01 12:04:24
Hello Kritpwns!

Check this script:
/run local name="PLNAME" local f=IsReferAFriendLinked(name) if UnitName("player")==name then return end if f==1 then print("Account of player "" is linked to yours")else print("Account of player "" isn't linked to yours")end

Replace PLNAME to the name of your friend's character.

/run local name="Omg" local f=IsReferAFriendLinked(name) if UnitName("player")==name then return end if f==1 then print("Account of player "" is linked to yours")else print("Account of player "" isn't linked to yours")end

If you want to get valid result - you should come close enough to friend's character (singularity of Dalaran-WoW RaF system).

Best regards.

Hudiny @ Kirin Tor
1 Tauren Druid
My friend doesn't receive the mail what can i do? It passed like 3-4 hours since i send him the invitation, tried even for different mails

Biff @ Kirin Tor

1 Tauren Warrior
I followed the Steps in this Guide, but me Friend haven`t got the Mail. What schould I do?

Bariga @ Kirin Tor
1 Orc Hunter
how to download game

Thokcrohz @ Kirin Tor
7 Tauren Warrior
Edited by Thokcrohz on 2015-04-30 19:02:26
Is raf still working? I seem to ne unable to send the email. Can I invite a friend in algalon=?

Zoic @ Kirin Tor
2 Blood Elf Paladin
I too am having problems. Followed the instructions, but not getting the email. It's not in the inbox or spam folder. Not coming through at all.

Jaz @ Kirin Tor
1 Blood Elf Paladin
Hi! My friend sent me the recruit-a-friend email last week and I clicked the link. Right now we're playing on the Algalon realm but we can't use the summon and level grant features, because we realized that we dont have characters on the Kirin Tor realm. If we create ones now, will I still be able to grant my friend levels based on what my main character already gained? (He's level 40-something right now, and my friend is lower level)

Dasdingoo @ Kirin Tor
1 Troll Rogue
Hi :) Just started playing on this server with a couple of my friends. I have some Questions to the raf system. I refered all of them (3 others).

1) If we are all in a group, do we all get 300% EP? (well obviously split by 4, but do we get the bonus?)

1.1) Would that also be the case if i refered one friend and another one of my firends refered the other?

2) How close do we have to be for the teleportation thing to work?

3)The refer a friend worked without problems for 2 of my friends accounts. Now when we try to create a new account with a third referal, some weird error always occurs (e.g. account ID invalid). The account still gets created but there seems to be something wrong. We checked the EP earned and they were far less then usual. Definatly no referal bonus. Any ideas on the matter?

Anyways, great server! Really enjoying it so far :D

Louey @ Kirin Tor

1 Human Warrior
RAF is not working for me and my buddy. we have connected accounts but we are not getting the bonus XP. Feather, Contact me please.

Jankai @ Kirin Tor
1 Human Warrior
Same here

Boujii @ Kirin Tor

1 Human Paladin
At first I thought the experience was not working either. So as a test I killed one mob as solo and got 173 experience. I then partied up with my 4 RAF and got 211. As mentioned by "Malkavia", The experience should be divided by 5 (or whatever).
In a non RAF party I should have only gotten 37 whereas I got 211.

I am however having trouble with the "summon" no matter if they are even in eye site. I seen where it says to log out the accounts and log back in and try. But the cooldown has already begun so can't try again. I have had a couple successful attempts, but most usually end up just casting the summon spell and nothing happening.

Edzero @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Priest
How close in level do the two characters need to be in order to grant a level?

Elnashi @ Kirin Tor

3 Night Elf Hunter
hi GM .. how are you

i was LF for Jwelcrafter (JC) till some one called [ Ezaru ] said what you need and i told him i need +30 stamina gems .. then he invited me to group and i trade him the mats 4x Majestic Zircon .. then he disconnected and not appear

please help me to return my mats from him .. and thanks alot

Ironjinx @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Rogue
heya, i have been trying to grant my friend levels. he is a shaman of level 30 and im 34, now it wont let me chose the option to level him up but if i switch to a lowbe, he can level that said lowbe up. whats going on here?

Jcarrillo @ Kirin Tor
1 Human Paladin
I am trying to use the RAF for my wife, but i tried to re-send the email (she still hasnt gotten it) what can I do or contact to make sure my wife and I get to start on here using RAF?

Jcarrillo @ Kirin Tor
1 Human Paladin
Still waiting for the email to arrive, or a GM to reply.
I even sent an in-game ticket and its been over 24 hours and GM replied as of yet!

when i try and resend it, I get "this account allready in our referred or active in our databases."

Thermalfizz @ Kirin Tor
1 Gnome Mage
Edited by Thermalfizz on 2016-05-16 18:18:47
Same issue as Jcarrilo above. I've tried sending the RAF to 3 different emails already, all of them still haven't received an email & it isn't in their junk folder or anything. Now anytime I try to resend I just constantly get "this account is allready in our referred or active in our databases". This had worked fine with my other mate about a week ago and we are getting the RAF benefits fine (apart from the super buggy friend summon) so I don't know what's changed.
You should really have a timeout on RAF invitations so if they get lost in transit/aren't sent properly then after 24 hrs or so the RAF code gets disabled and you can try resending another. Otherwise ppl have to keep making new emails and even they don't seem to be working.

Edzero @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Priest
Are you using gmail?

Thermalfizz @ Kirin Tor
1 Gnome Mage
Edited by Thermalfizz on 2016-05-16 18:17:11
Are you using gmail?

Nope, hotmail. My first friend who I did RAF with used hotmail aswell so it shouldn't be an issue now 1 week later.

Stihii @ Kirin Tor
1 Troll Warrior
I made a Troll Warrior on Kirin Tor (did not even play with it) and I sent a friend invite to my wife.
She got the mail and created the account. Then we both created characters on Algalon and started at the same time, with night-elves.
I have level 10 and she has lvl 9. The Summon Friend option appears, I press the icon in the social tab to summon her, the casting begins but she is not teleported to me, she does not even get the message if she wants to be teleported or not.
So I decided to make a test with her character:
- kill a strigid owl while she is outside of party and she got 60 Exp
- kill a strigid owl while she is inside the party and she got 36 Exp
Note: she had the rested state from staying in the inn for a while. Does the rested effect stack with the RAF bonus or not? Should I make the test while she is not rested?

Also at some point when I was lvl 7 and she was lvl 5 I tried to give her a level but the option was greyed out.

Is it possible the RAF is not working correctly for us because my character on Algalon has a different name, race and class from my character on Kirin Tor?

Please help, we really like the server, I've voted every day and we are also considering making a donation, because we like the cozy feel this server has :D

Edzero @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Priest
Take rested bonus into account when checking if RAF is working. If the summon option is there at all, then the x3 exp should be working fine.

Note that the summon feature is buggy and it's essentially useless.

If a mob gives 60 exp singe player, then when in a party with the RAF partner it should give 90 exp to each person.

Stihii @ Kirin Tor
1 Troll Warrior
Thanks again Edzero :D

Ayumi @ Kirin Tor

1 Blood Elf Warlock
Summon option is there but no increased exp, I don't think it's working for me.

Krasimir @ Kirin Tor
1 Undead Rogue
Edited by Krasimir on 2017-08-22 21:52:43

I have a question regarding the RAF feature. I recruited 2 friends on their accounts to get to my main's level(22) faster. However mid-12 lvl we realized that I can't hop on my main as that would mean continue at 3x XP and we don't want that. We want to continue at x1 XP from lvl 22 onward. Is there any way possible we disable the Bonus XP at lvl 22?


Delaryon @ Kirin Tor

19 Blood Elf Hunter

Is the Swift Zhevra mount reward still obtainable? In the website it says "You can also invite to your friends, and when you invite 5 and they reach level 15 or more in the game, you will get this mount: Swift Zhevra"
Well, I've used the Refer a Friend feature for well over 9 friends over level 15 in the game and still I get the same error message when try to obtain the mount: "You cannot access this service."

I'd like to know whats up with that,

Thank You for your time.

Deathstep @ Kirin Tor
4 Dwarf Paladin
Make a new thread

Delaryon @ Kirin Tor

19 Blood Elf Hunter
I already did but there were no replies...

Mysia @ Kirin Tor
51 Blood Elf Priest
Hey, I have an issue, I have recruited a friend and we leveled up until lvl ~62, everything was working fine. But then we logged in and noticed we recieve way less xp than before, furthermore we were no longer able to use summon friend spell. Why did it cease to work if it was working fine for quite long time?

Dinqt @ Kirin Tor
7 Gnome Rogue
only work until 60. check

Edzero @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Priest
It even says so in this post. Learn to read.

Galgnu @ Kirin Tor
1 Orc Shaman
+1 Ed.

How st%÷×d can you be to post a comment to a ticket who has the answer in the top post....

Gruumsh @ Kirin Tor

80 Orc Warrior
Is refer a friend working on the Kirin-Tor realm? If so how do I activate it, I already have it active on the Algalon realm with my friend.

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