Icecrown Citadel PvE Tournament: Achievement list.

Lothloryen @ Kirin Tor
Staff Member
Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

This achievement challenge will last 2 IDs so you have a bit more time to complete as much achievements as you can (until Thursday 7th). Hence, the Ruby Sanctum Beta will be after the Tournament is finished.

You can configure this stage and complete only those achievements your group preffer. Remember that the achievement criterias are accomplished only if the boss dies right after. Also, in order to be considered participant, you must earn at least 80 points.

We have decided to exclude the Gunship Battle from this Tournament's stage and, in order to benefit from the "Heroic Bonus", the group must complete the corresponding criterias in Heroic difficulty - it does not mean that a simple HC kill will give you the points.

Lord Marrowgar

-Normal: 2 point per spike killed during Bonestorm.
-Heroic: Only for spikes casted during Bonestorm - 5 points per spike killed after Bonestorm finishes.

Lady Deathwhisper

-Reanimated Fanatic spawned on first phase but killed during the second: 3 points per one.
-Deformed Fanatic spawned on first phase but killed during the second: 4 points per one.

-During the second phase ranged and healers must form 3 groups on 25 players and 2 groups on 10 players. Those groups must be stacked until the end of the encounter (of course, they can move together to avoid damage): 10 points.

Deathbringer Saurfang

-Saurfang must be tanked at the very centre of the platform.

-Alliance: Players must soothe Jayna when she cries and show respect to High Overlord Saurfang before he flies away on the Zeppelin.
-Horde: Players must soothe High Overlord Saurfang when he grabs his son and right after, cry.

The criterias above will grant 10 points to the group.

-Each time the Blood Beasts spawn, every player must clearly swap his/her position with another player (tank and melees included).
-Normal: 20 points.
-Heroic: 35 points.


-The encounter must start when Stinky's HP is at 20%. Stinky must die inside Festergut's room: 7 points.
-During the whole encounter ranged DPS and healers must form 4 groups on 25 players and 2 groups on 10 players (and remain together): 10 points.
-Not a single player can have more than 2 stacks of Inoculated during the encounter: 10 points.

Heroic Bonus: 10 points.


-The encounter must start when Precious's HP is at 20%. Precious must die inside Rotface's room: 7 points.
-Players can not start merging Small Oozes to generate the Big Ooze, until there are 3 (10 players) or 4 (25 players) small oozes present at the same time: 10 points.
-Big Ooze must always be placed over the Sticky Oozes (small green pools, the tank does not need to be over them) 8 points.

Heroic Bonus: 12 points.

Professor Putricide:

-When the Volatile Oooze performs the knockback on players, those who are hit must enjoy their flight by saying: "Wiii!" in /s. 2 points.
-When the Gas Cloud selects its target, 3 (10 man) or 5 (25 man) players must stack on the targeted one, and follow him/her accordingly 10 points.
-The group will have a penalisation of -2 points from the overall score each time a player is hit by Malleable Goo.

Heroic Bonus: 20 points.

Blood Prince Council

-Kinetic bombs can only be hit by tanks and melees with melee range abilities: 10 points.
-The group will receive a different amount of points depending on which boss has the Invocation of Blood upon finishing the encounter:
*Keleseth: 8 points.
*Valanar: 5 points.
*Taldaram: 3 point.

-When the Keleseth's tank has 3 stacks of Shadow Resonance, the RDPS and Healers must focus on killing every orb that spawns: 8 points.

Heroic Bonus: 10 points.

Blood-Queen Lana'thel

-The second player that receives the Bite must be a healer: 7 points.
-Players must organise themselves while affected with Swarming Shadows in order to paint a tringle in the floor with 3 strokes (a line per player) before first Incite Terror: 8 points.
-Players must organise themselves while affected with Swarming Shadows in order to paint a square in the floor after the first Incite Terror (no minimum required strokes): 8 points.

Heroic Bonus: 10 points.


-1 DPS (3 in 25 players) must enter to the portals together with the healers: 5 points.
-Gluttonous Abomination can only die when another Gluttonous Abomination is present 5 points.

Heroic Bonus: 8 points.


-During the first phase, each time the Unchained Magic is casted, every DPS/Healer must go across Sindragosa's belly and position themselves at the opposite side: 11 points.
-During her airphase and last phase, there must always be some extra players tombed: 1 more on 10 man and 2 more on 25 man: 12 points.

Heroic Bonus: 15 Points.

The Lich King

-First Necrotic Plague must be lost: 6 points.
-Necrotic Plague must be present at the start of the second phase: 10 points.
-During transitions, every ranged DPS must be attacking The Lich King (of course, they can kill the orbs): 3 points.
-At least two Raging Spirits must be dragged from the transition to the second phase and then killed: 5 points.
-Every defile casted during the second phase, must be placed in a way that it touches the metalic line from the platform's inner circle. If, for some reason, it is placed in a way that it does not, that defile must be stepped into by players so it grows enough to reach such circle: 8 points.
-There must always be a Lich King: At the start of the third phase, one player must go to the Throne and yell: "I am The Lich King!". Once he conquers the throne, another player must yell: "No, I am the true Lich King!" and replace the previous one. Repeat until the Fury of the Frostmourne is casted (if a defile does not allow a player to go up, just wait for it to despawn and quickly become The new Lich King): 10 points.

Heroic Bonus: 25 points.

Thank you very much and good luck.

Refugee @ Kirin Tor

4 Human Mage
"-During transitions, every ranged DPS must be attacking The Lich King (of course, they can kill the orbs): 3 points."

How is this meant to be done by classes with limited range? don't see any other option but standing in remorseless winter, which sounds quite meme.

Jumpthewindo @ Kirin Tor

6 Blood Elf Paladin
hunters would need to respec into the exta yards, mages can do it as normal but i fail to see how it works for the rest of the group. Unless you do take 2 ranged in that run.

Doremifa @ Kirin Tor

3 Draenei Shaman
Rewards when ? Need to make that human be night elf

Lothloryen @ Kirin Tor
Staff Member
Hello there,

Thank you everyone who participated in the Tournament. We will post the results as soon as we receive all the videos and review them.

Ilyas @ Kirin Tor

5 Human Warlock
Can we get our donation points any time soon?

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