BG Tournament: Wintergrasp.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

As you may be aware, we've been including some features to the Battleground Tournament each week (such as Tournament ladders with participation rewards, score system update...etc). As mentioned on previous news, there are many things that we will be slowly introducing into the Tournament.

This week, we have a new interesting addition: Wintergrasp Battle. This means that Wintergrasp battles are very relevant and will count towards the global score; each win will be shown on the PvP section and will score 10 extra points to the corresponding faction.

What comes next?

The PvP section will keep getting little upgrades, our next step is to introduce a City Raiding system/feature into the Tournament, as well as show some extra PvP statistics. We are having a blast seeing so much participation and interest, receiving this many suggestions and support for this idea, we are going to keep working hard to improve it and make it as fun and challenging as we can. Thank you everyone!

As a side note, we have decided to reset the current Arena Season, more info about this and the upcoming arena ladders on website will follow shortly. We are also going to stop publishing the weekly winner as new on the website, although we will keep announcing it in the forums and Social Media, alongside with the ingame system message.

Thank you.
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