PvP Tournament: Updates and Multiboxing restriction.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We would like to keep you informed about few updates that are about to be introduced into the PvP Tournament tomorrow, Friday 9th of January.

Wintergrasp score points will be reduced to 5 points per win. We started with 10 points in order to increase its relevance and now that is settled, we will reduce it to 5. This will also help to balance things a bit. We will also announce some interesting updates to Wintergasp shortly.

Another important matter is the introduction of the Initial Advantage Score. This is a score that a faction will have by default upon starting a new week if they have lost a few times in a row. This will encourage such faction to keep pushing towards victory.

Initial Advantage Score:

  • 2 weeks lost in a row: 15 points.
  • 3 weeks lost in a row: 25 points.
  • 4 or more weeks lost in a row: 40 points.

  • Alongside these changes, we would like to announce that the Multiboxing in PvP will not be allowed from now on and this new rule takes immediate effect. We will be open to discussion about this matter if the overall community thinks otherwise in the future but, for now, it won't continue being allowed.

    We have been working on several systems to introduce the City Raiding but we have also improved the faction bosses by adjusting their HP and mechanics, in order to have some epic battles. This new feature will be introduced to the PvP Tournament the Friday 17th of January.

    We will post more information about how it is going to work during the next week.

    Thank you very much.
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