Staying at home? Enjoy this gift and double XP event extension.

Hello community!

We would like to let you know a few things, we are aware that many of you are forced to stay at home due to the current global situation and that it might be a good time to enjoy yourselves and to make the most from a non-usual situation.

We are going to extend the x2 experience for a while since we know many of you will invest your time playing games. We will let you know the end of this promotion in a few days. If you wish to keep your experience in x1 rates, you can write a ticket and your account will be excluded from the x2 so no one is forced to speed their leveling, but everyone will be able to enjoy it.

Alongside, we are going to provide a FREE Foror of Endless Storage bag for the current players, you can send one of them to your desired character for free. In order to do this, you need to visit our Shop and click the "Promotions" tab.

Given the situation, we would also like to advise you to stay safe, take care of yourself and your close ones, follow your government's recommendations and if you need to stay in quarantine enjoy your time without taking any risk. Stay positive and remember to take little breaks from time to time while playing, stretch your legs whenever you can and stay hydrated.

We would love to make other announcements but in these troubled times, we wanted first to provide something for free so you can at least have a little something extra to smile.

More news will follow with exciting information.
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