Dalaran-WoW recruiting Game Masters.

Hello there community,

As you probably know, we are a small team. We are currently a bit overloaded so we have decided to open our circle and recruit new staff members in order to help us with ingame tasks. We are looking forward to have you in our ranks.

This is not just a recruitment where we are looking for more people in order to make our work easier. We are looking for someone who is willing to join our family, someone who feels the essence of this expansion like us, and someone who loves this special, unique and epic project.

These people could help us with many things, for example with ingame tasks - which would consist in helping players with their issues, advising them about the correspondant matters and making sure that all the rules are respected. In some additional cases, a few testing tasks would be required in our private test server.

If you are chosen, you would have another Game Master at your side, who would show you the ropes, as well as explain some rules.

We could make an application form, we could list a sort of requirements before anyone presents himself. However, we would like you to redact your own honest words without any kind of preconception and predefined structure, we want you to be natural. Why should we trust on your person and on your work?

We do not need you to be an experienced Game Master, we are willing to teach you. What we need is a trustable person with some free time, knowledge and PASSION for the WoTLK who feels the game like we do and shares our ideals.

There is just one strict requirement, you must be a Dalaran-WoW player with XXX time with us at your back.

Write us an e-mail to: [email protected] with your character name, a part of any kind of personal information that you wish to provide us.

Subject: Main character name - Game Master recruitment.

We will need time to study them all and select from there to whom we consider special and appropiate.

Thank you very much.

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