PvP Tournament: Alterac Valley, 70 bracket extra xp, rewards...etc.

Hello community,

We would like to say to you that we are impressed with the recent participation in PvP, we have seen really tight battles and a nice and competitive community, good job everyone who made it happen and organized attacks and counter-attacks to the Faction Leaders (we have seen some pictures from the 300-like moment at the Deathwing Pass: it is great to see how amazing that moment was for many players from both factions).

Taking advantage of this new, we want to announce that the extra experience in 70-79 battlegrounds experience is back! It is active so, you can enjoy it already.

Aside from that, we have decided to perform some changes to the Tournament (also already active):

  • Faction Leaders: 2 extra points will be added each time that all the leaders from the opposite faction are dead. So if all the leaders are killed 3 times your faction will have a total of 36 points instead of the 30. If a faction kills 4 leaders and leaves one alive, no extra points will be granted.
  • Low level BG brackets: 4 points instead of 3.
  • The 3 Top HKs (every bracket): there will be a special reward: the Landro’s Pet Box.

  • We are currently working on new ideas for the PvP Tournament so, to start with one, this week will be a special "Alterac Valley" week. During this week, Alterac Valley will have these additional perks:

  • 6 points per win for the PvP Tournament.
  • x2 reputation (both factions).

  • We also would like to mention that, we have performed several warnings and bans due to ghost-queue in battlegrounds - from this moment on, any ghost-queue will be directly baned. Note that none of those BG's will count towards the overall Tournament's score.

    As you probably know, our 7th anniversary is near. We wanted to give you a quick peek about what we have been working on in order to celebrate it: we are preparing a special event which will entail plenty of areas and ways to participate - PvP and PvE tournaments, as well as some sort of Crafting tournament. During the anniversary there will be many little events here and there with different rewards and perks. A proper announcement will be posted next month.

    Thank you for your support, feedback, suggestions and opinions. We are trying our best to listen to the community and fit your interests with our ideals.
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