Tournament revamp, Quality of life updates and more.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We have been working for some time on several things and we would like to share them with you now that everything is ready. Alongside general fixes, some important issues that needed to be addressed and preparations for Dalaran-WoW's next stage, we have been redesigning the weekly tournament in order to provide a wider and deeper collaborative faction effort.

This will not interfere at all with the current content, it is a non-intrusive way to generate localized activity. We just offer some attractive rewards for the participation in the beautiful content that already exists, keeping the blizzlike feeling within Azeroth and Outlands while bringing more challenges, activity and fun.

We have reworked the current Tournament so, let's start explaining what changes are going to be made, as well as some imminent "Quality of life” general improvements and upcoming updates:

1.Faction Tournament.
  • 1.1 Zone of Action.
  • 1.2 New structure.
  • 1.2.1 PvP.
    1.2.2 PvE.
    1.2.3 Zone of Action.
  • 1.3 Rewards.
  • 1.3.1 Removals.
    1.3.2 Additions.
    1.3.3 Participation rewards / General perks
  • 1.4 Starting date.

  • 2. Quality of life changes.

    3. Upcoming updates.



    1.1 Zone of Action

    The Zone of Action will be a new feature/area which basically will consist of both Alliance and Horde performing different activities within a conflicted zone in order to earn points that will count towards the Faction Tournament. It is also a way to passively encourage World PvP.

    Let's put a quick example: the first Zone of Action that is going to be available for the tournament will be: Stranglethorn Valley. In this case, there will be 3 activities available that each faction will need to do in order to improve their dominance against the opposite faction. These 3 activities will be:

  • Killing bosses in Zul'Gurub Raid.
  • Winning the Gurubashi arena and looting the chest.
  • Earning reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers or Booty Bay.

  • To help to understand this concept, imagine this dominance as the usual capture point bar:

    Even though you will only see the results of the Zone of Action's dominance through the Tournament's website, it is the same concept. More information about this in the "New Structure, Zone of Action” section.

    More Zones of Action that will be rotating are : Venture Bay (Grizzly Hills), Halaa (Nagrand) and Hellfire Peninsula. Of course, there will be some nice and different kinds of activities on each one of them (including World Bosses) - or even great perks throughout the area.

    1.2 New structure

    Until now, the faction who earned more points by just doing the PvP involved activities was considered the overall Faction Tournament winner. Apart from that, both factions also needed to achieve several objectives or milestones PvE-wise in order to obtain certain rewards. However, this will no longer be the case and now there will be 3 areas and each one of them will count towards an overall score in a different way.

    What this means is, every section of the Tournament (PvP, PvE and Zone of Action) will grant "Faction Points", contributing towards the overall Tournament score. By the end of the week, the Faction with more points will be the winner and, therefore, will be able to enjoy the rewards.

    Let's see how each one of them will work:

    1.2.1 PvP

    The PvP section of the Tournament will grant Faction Points by doing the same activities that were involved until now: Battlegrounds, Wintergrasp and killing the Faction Leaders. The only change is that we are going to remove the +2 points per "full run” for the City Raiding.

    1.2.2 PvE

    This section will still be based on PvE objectives or milestones that need to be accomplished each week. But, since no rewards will be given "per section”, the faction who accomplishes every one of the objectives will earn a fixed amount of 45 Faction Points. If it is not achieved, then the PvE section will not contribute towards the overall score that week.

    As soon as possible, probably in a few weeks, there will also be a new feature here, the RNG Box which will randomize the objectives for each faction independently each week. We have more exciting news about this section, we will cover them through different posts.

    1.2.3 Zone of Action

    This new section will work differently. As explained above, Factions will need to push efforts by doing several activities in the Zone of Action - of course, there will be counters on the Tournament's site where everyone will be able to see both factions' stats. But, there will be a total of 100 Faction Points to be earned between the Horde and the Alliance and those points distribution will be changing dynamically based on the number of activities that each faction is doing.

    Let's use an example with what is going to be the first Zone of Action in the Faction Tournament: Stranglethorn Valley.

    Percentages are subject to change but, let's say that we put the following weight for these activities over the possible 100 points:

  • Zul'Gurub: 30%
  • Gurubashi Arena 50%
  • Bloodsail Buccaneers / Booty Bay reputations: 20%

  • Now, imagine the following case scenario:

  • Faction 1 overall score: 150 points (105 from PvP, 45 from PvE, 0 from ZoA).
  • Faction 2 overall score: 100 points (100 from PvP, 0 from PvE, 0 from ZoA).

  • If Faction 1 is pushing more than Faction 2 and achieves to be at the 60% of dominance in the Zone of Action, this means that, at that exact moment the Faction 1 is contributing towards the Faction Tournament with 60 points, which would set their overall score to 210. On the other hand, Faction 2 will be contributing with 40 points, thus setting their overall score to 140.

  • Faction 1 overall score: 210 points (105 from PvP, 45 from PvE, 60 from ZoA).
  • Faction 2 overall score: 140 points (100 from PvP, 0 from PvE, 40 from ZoA).

  • However, this may change at any moment - if the faction which is currently behind gathers forces and starts pushing more activities, they will increase their dominance. For example; most of Faction 1 (currently ahead of the Tournament with 210 Faction Points) is busy raiding and the Faction 2 takes advantage of that to rush all the available activities within Stranglethorn Valley, setting their dominance to 80%. This would be the overall score then:

  • Faction 1: 170 points (105 from PvP, 45 from PvE, 20 from ZoA (20% dominance)).
  • Faction 2: 180 points (100 from PvP, 0 from PvE, 80 from ZoA (80% dominance)).

  • _____________________________________________________________

    To summarize, the PvE section will have a fixed amount of points if the objectives are accomplished,the PvP one does not have a limit (ideally, you can do as many points as you like thanks to WG, BGs, Faction Leaders...etc). Unlike them, the point contribution from the Zone of Action will always be changing - it may temporarily grant a faction 40 points, but it may provide a different amount by the end of the week, be careful!

    Don't worry if all this sounds confusing, it will be clearly seen through the Tournament page.

    1.3 Rewards

    There won't be rewards per section anymore. Since the 3 sections (PvP, PvE, ZoA) will contribute towards a unique score, the end of week faction-wide rewards will be available only for the winning faction. However, we are keeping the participation rewards, in fact, they have been improved.

    Most of the rewards that the winning faction was enjoying until now will be kept. However, we will perform the following modifications:

    1.3.1 Removals

  • Extra drop chance increased for some raid mounts. Although we might add them for a limited time during some special weeks.
  • There won't be a mount or pet drop chance (from our shop) upon finishing an RDF or killing WoTLK bosses.

  • 1.3.2 Additions

  • Increased Arena Points upon finishing an RBG (8 loose - 15 win)
  • Wintergrasp reward: Players who participate in the battle will have a chance to obtain one of the following rewards: 30 Arena Points or an emblem based on character progression (frost for ICC attuned).

  • 1.3.3 Participation rewards / General perks

    Participation rewards are granted to players from both factions, doesn't matter if their faction is the winning one or not. These are the upcoming changes:

  • Emblem drop upon finishing the daily RBG (based on character progression, frost for ICC attuned players).
  • Small drop chance of Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger upon finishing an RBG.
  • Small drop chance of Landro's pet box upon finishing an RDF.
  • Top 1 Honorable Kills (any bracket): Murkimus' Little Spear instead of Flag of Ownership.
  • Top 20 Most active players in BG (level 80): Illidan's path instead of Paint Bomb.
  • Faction Leaders will have a chance to drop the following mount: Swift Zevhra

  • The following participation rewards are variable depending on the Zone of Action active at the time:

    -Zone of Action: Stranglethorn Valley.

  • Gurubashi Arena's chest will have a Bengal Tiger drop chance (non-obtainable ingame mount).
  • Gurubashi Arena's chest will always drop a Flag of Ownership.
  • Zul'gurub Mount drop chance slightly increased.

  • Every ZoA will have its own perks and participation rewards, we will reveal them the first time that each ZoA is enabled.

    1.3.4 Starting date

    The new Faction Tournament revamp will be active within the weekly reset of next Friday 19th. The website's section for the Tournament will clearly show all the new features, reward changes...etc.


    Apart from the Tournament, we have also prepared some Quality of life changes that have been requested by many players for a very long time. After thoughtful consideration, we think their addition will be beneficial.

  • Dynamic MMR: Arena queue time will be significantly reduced when no teams of similar MMR are queued. (Already active on Algalon).
  • Every duel within the Dalaran Sewers will reset player and pet's cooldowns, as well as restore the previous health/mana. (Active after Monday 8th).
  • From now on Wrathful gear will no longer have any rating requirement. It will be purchasable with Arena Points. (Active on Friday 12th)
  • After some fixes, our anti-cheat system is correctly sending warnings to players. It will start automatically banning soon.


    We are currently reviewing and polishing the level 80 raid but, aside from that, we would like to share with you what's coming next:

  • New Zones of Action, so far we have been working on: Venture Bay (revamp already working on Algalon), Halaa, Hellfire Peninsula and some other Classic Zones.
  • New ladders on the website: once the new Tournament section is up, we want to add more ladders in order to show different stats.
  • RNG Box: We believe it can create very fun and very competitive situations for the PvE aspect of the Tournament. More information will be published soon.
  • Crafting/Gathering Section: We are still reviewing this in order to make it fit properly within the Faction Tournament.
  • A new website's section is in the works: MVP (Most valuable player). Our idea is to have monthly polls where the community can choose which player (old or current) will appear in this new area of the website; with some screenshots, some phrases that represent them...etc. Some sort of hall of fame. From the most epic players that have proudly walked our Dalaran streets, to the most helpful ones or even the funniest trolls.
  • We have also been working on Dalaran-WoW's next stage while preparing a proper schedule and adapting our ideas to this new phase.

  • Thank you everyone for reading, we truly hope you enjoy all this!
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