Incoming Improvements and Information


As you are probably aware, Lothloryen started fixing and improving class abilities and PvP in general terms and we wanted to you give a heads up about what is going on and how we can help eachother in this matter.

  • Many spells and mechanics (a few of which were somewhat game breaking - like Death and Decay LoS glitch, Night of the Dead damage reduction on pets, Art of war's swing timer reset, Starfall while being under Crowd Control etc.) have been already corrected (the fix will be applied at the scheduled server restart).

If you want to report a class bug or glitched mechanic, please do it through our Bugtracker (accessible through the menu tab on the website). Please check if the bug has already been reported, if that is not the case, try to give us as much data/details as you can, with examples as to where the bug appears - it makes Lothloryen's work much easier. 

Do not use the bugtracker to start arguments with other players, if you do not agree with a report explain why, but do not start a discussion there, it adds a lot to our workload. The information should be concrete and concentrated.

If the issue you are describing is well documented, it is more likely to be fixed sooner. We have recieved many in-game tickets about bugs that are not listed in the bugtracker, so please report them in the proper way via the website bugtracker - tickets with bug reports will be ignored.

  • Once class bugs and several other issues are fixed, work will begin to synchronize Dalaran-WoW website with the Algalon realm.

  • As a reminder the newcomers - this system works with the Kirin Tor realm, Algalon characters have a different way of doing it while the website is being synchronized:

-  For the time being, you can use the forums with a Kirin Tor character.
-  If you want to redeem your Core Hound Pup to your Algalon character you can ask about it via the Premium support system on the website (just explain the issue and name the character from Algalon you want to recieve the pet and a GM will help you out).
-  For redeeming the X-53 Rocket Mount and the Swift Zevhra you will still have to make an in-game ticket with the character you want it on

  • There is another important matter we have to warn you about - there is NO way to appeal for your ban, if you have been banned there will be no way any GM will remove that ban from you. Should you have already had your ban explanation you will not get another - learn from your actions and be sure not to repeat them (in case your ban is temporary) because there will not be a second chance. All ban appeals via in-game tickets, in Premium support or private messages will be ignored and deleted. If you have been banned it is because you have done something we do not allow and I strongly recommend that you to read about what is and is not allowed in our rules.

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