Do you want to test out our raids? Read this.

Hello Community,

Well, as you probably know we will open our PTR realm for those players who are currently playing in other servers but they want to check our High End raiding quality before decide if they start with us or not. The players shall jump directly into the raids, prepared to just play them. You can read more here:

For now, the applications will be opened for well stablished guilds (10 or 25 players, it does not matter) and the way to apply will be quite easy: just send us an e-mail to: [email protected] with the following information:

Subject: Guild name - Server.

-Name of the Guild Master. 
-Explain us why you want to test our raids.
-Specify your raiding time.

We will provide you more details once we get your application.

Thank you very much.
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