PvE Tournament: Guidelines and Rewards.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We are glad to announce that we will be hosting our PvE Tournament from the 9th to the 30th of August. You will have 3 weeks to complete all the challenges we propose.

This tournament will require to perform different tasks through every WoTLK Tier starting from the Tier 7. It will be divided in 2 stages: First one will cover Tier 7 and Tier 8, while the second one will cover the Tier 9 and Tier 10.

At first, we designed a complex Tournament system with many branches, choices...etc. However, after giving it a lot of thought and perform many tests we came to the conclusion that it could be a bit confusing or overwhelming, as well as hard to recreate in a real raiding environment. That's why we have decided to merge ideas and simplify them while offering only 2 possible paths or choices for each Tier: Achievement Run or RNG Box. Every group will have too choose a path for each Tier as they like (E.g: RNG Box for Naxxramas, Achievement Run for Ulduar, RNG Box for ToC and RNG Box for ICC).

Let us explain individually in what consists each path:


A selection of Feats to do proposed by us, we will fish out some of our favourites from the past but we will also be adding new ones that are ideated to be challenging and fun. This way new participants can have a dash of joy (and pain) from our previous tournaments.

The full and definitive achievement list with their corresponding points will be published a week before the Tournament starts.

If anyone wants to see of the old ones, you can take a look here:
  • Previous Naxxramas achievement list.
  • Previous OS/EOE/VoA achievement list.
  • Previous Ulduar achievement list.
  • Previous Icecrown Citadel achievement list.

  • Score:

    - Points are earned upon the completion of those feats.
    - This path will allow a group to accumulate a slightly higher amount of total points than the RNG Box's path.
    - There will be an extra bonification if at least the 30% of the group gets attuned in the run.

    RNG BOX:.

    If a group chooses this option for a certain Tier, they will be have to "open" a RNG Box the same day the Stage starts. The content of this box will be a totally random set of different challenges that need to be accomplished during such raid, this will make each group to have a unique set of tasks to do. Some tasks will make a run quite bearable and easy, while some others may increase the difficulty noticeably. Although several are just for fun...

    Here are just a few mere examples about what may be inside the RNG box:

    - Everyone needs to be barefoot during the whole raid.
    - You may have an invisible and helpfull GM within your raid (or the opposite, you may have trickster GM who will make you suffer while fighting bosses...).
    - The group needs to shrink the evilness from bosses (both mentally and physically).
    - You receive a constant punishment for that raid (e.g: one player needs to die when the encounter starts and remain in that way until it ends, or one member from the group has to be the last man standing every encounter).
    - There needs to be a pirate race between bosses.

    All the possible options for the Naxxramas and Ulduar RNG Boxes will be published altogether with the full achievement list (including point distribution and details), which is a week before the Tournament starts. In the other hand, ToC's and ICC's RNG Boxes possible content will be revealed halfway during the Tournament, before the Stage 2 starts. The entire list will be quite big, however once a group "opens" the box, a small set of tasks from such list will be randomly generated for them.

    Additionally, each RNG Box will have a chance to drop extra rewards and small amount of bonification points.


    - Also in this case, points are earned upon the completion of those tasks.
    - This path will allow a group to accumulate a slightly lower amount of total points than the Achievement Run, but remember that there is a chance to receive a small amount of bonification points when the RNG Box is opened.
    - There will be an extra bonification if at least the 30% of the group gets attuned in this run.

    In the case there is a tie, we will set a Speed Run between the groups and the winner of the race will be the winner for that tier.

    Therefore, the Legendary PvE Tournament will be divided in 2 stages:

    Stage 1
  • Naxxramas and Ulduar.

  • Stage 2
  • Speed Run (tiebreaker if needed for Stage 1)
  • Trial of the Crusader and The Icrecown Citadel.


  • Competitors Tabard.
  • Competitors Souvenir.
  • Sandbox Tiger x 50.
  • 30 Donation Points (either difficulty).

  • Stage 1 Winner:
  • The winner group will be the one who after adding the points earned in Naxxramas and Ulduar, obtains the most.
  • 10 player: Gold Medallion.
  • 25 player: Gold Medallion and Lil' Phylactery.

  • Stage 2 Winner:
  • The winner group will be the one who after adding the points earned in Trial of the Crusader and Icecrown Citadel, obtains the most.
  • 10 player: Baby Blizzard Bear.
  • 25 player: Baby Blizzard Bear and Frosty's Collar.

  • Tournament Winner:
  • The Tournament winner will be the group who after adding the points earned through every Tier, obtains the most.
  • 10 player: 40 Donation Points, Contest Winners Tabard, Warbot Ignition Key and Riding Turtle
  • 25 player: 60 Donation Points, Contest Winners Tabard, Warbot Ignition Key and Frost Wyrm Mount.

  • We want to offer every kind of group the chance to enjoy a proper challenge, or even just have some fun altogether while earning some nice rewards, you can choose your own path.

    DATES: We will be hosting our PvE Tournament from the 9th to the 30th of August, it will cover 3 possible Raid IDs.


    As of today your group can apply for The Legendary PvE Tournament by following these steps:

    1) Consult with your guildmates before applying, motivate them, organize the roster and decide who will record the runs.
    2) Decide in which mode you want to participate - 10 man and/or 25 man.
    3) Send an e-mail to: [email protected] with the subject: Legendary PvE Tournament - your group name.
    4) You don't need to choose right now which path your group will do, we will ask you about it by mail once we've revealed the achievement list and the RNG Box full content.

    We will contact you if we need anything extra from you.


    Can we participate without a video recorder?

    - This is unfortunately impossible, we need it to be streamed/recorded. Videos need to be uploaded to Youtube and the links sent to us.

    What platforms can we use to publish the video?

    - This time, only Youtube will be allowed.

    Can a group participate if not all participants are from the same guild?

    - Yes it can, there can be Picked up Groups. But their members will not be able to participate with their own guild as well for the entire duration of the Tournament.

    - You have to decide the name of your group and specify it in the application in the Guild name slot as Pug Group. Example: PUG group: The archmages with arthritis.

    What do we need to do to be considered at least "Participant" and earn the rewards?

    - If the majority of the group is already attuned and raiding ICC, you need to participate on every Tier to be considered participants (hence, receive the corresponding rewards). However, if your group is currently still progressing through the content (for example, in Ulduar), and wishes to participate only in Naxxramas and Ulduar, you are perfectly able to do so - you will be considered participant and earn the rewards. Do not hesitate to write us an e-mail and ask if you have any question, please.

    Can my guild/group participate in 10 and 25 man?

    - Yes, but you only can participate in each mode once.

    Can I participate with different PuG groups or guilds on several stages or challenges from the same tier?

    - Not with the same character, if you choose one group or guild, you will be able to only participate with them during the whole Tournament correspondant to the current tier. However, you can participate with one character with your guild, and use an alter to join a pug group, for example. This way you will be allowed to receive the rewards with both of them even if they belong to the same account. There is no limit on how many groups you may join but remember, you must use different characters.

    We really hope everyone enjoys this PvE Tournament.

    We would also like to take advantage of this new, to let you know that we are celebrating our 6th Anniversary soon, stay tunned!
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