Faction Tournament: PvE Objectives.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We are very glad to present our Faction Tournament, a collaborative effort that will bring enjoyable faction wide rewards!

We have changed the name of the Tournament section to Faction Tournament. Because, as you can see through this page, the information from both PvE and PvP, will be shown here from now on. However, for now, they will be totally separated and they won’t count towards a common goal. The PvP Tournament will have its own requirements and rewards; the same will happen with the PvE.

We are going to start bit by bit with the PvE Tournament, the same way as we did when we launched the PvP Tournament - each week a new system, features or rewards will be included.

How will it work?

For starters, each faction will be given a list of objectives to accomplish in one week. If this faction achieves to successfully finish every goal, some faction wide rewards will be available for them after the weekly reset.

During the first weeks, these objectives will come in a form of milestones; where a certain faction will need to meet the criteria (e.g: x number of RDFs, x number of boss kills from a specific raid, etc.). As you can see, thanks to this idea there are a lot of entertaining and fun possibilities for each week. We are going to also include new ways to work towards an objective as well as different difficulties, hard modes, or even an adaptation of the RNG Box. But, just so everyone gets used to this new kind of Tournament we will start with only simple milestones.

As of now, the objectives that both factions need to accomplish are the same. But, in January that will change and a set of goals will be randomly generated for each faction.

Since this is just the beginning, there won’t be a direct confrontation or competition between factions. However, we have already designed a feature that will give a nice competition feeling between the Alliance and the Horde, but, without being affected by any possible faction unbalance.

As a quick peek, we are also planning to introduce an interesting addition to the Faction Tournament: Crafting and Gathering, where players will need to accomplish certain objectives in a specific area. We think this is quite a great feature that will allow every kind of player to participate, making something unique for our community.

We will publish detailed information about all this before it is introduced into the Tournament, don’t worry.

For now, the weekly restart will also be Fridays at 14:00 p.m Server Time.

How can you participate?

First, take a look at the Faction Tournament page to know what your faction Objectives are for that week. For example, right now the milestones are to just kill a certain number of bosses inside Naxxramas, Sartharion (Obsidian Sanctum) and to successfully finish x dungeons through the Random Dungeon Finder (any level and difficulty).

If you kill 8 bosses in Naxxramas with your group, those will be added to your faction’s general milestone on the website, the same will happen if more groups from your faction defeat bosses in this raid.

Once your faction has achieved to complete the 100% of the milestones, then a message with the word “Finished” will appear, this way everyone will be able to know that you are eligible for the faction wide rewards after the reset (these rewards are shown at the right panel in the same tournament page).

What kind of rewards can you enjoy?

In the same way that new systems, features and requirements will be added gradually each week; new and exciting rewards are going to be included as the PvE Tournament progresses.

You can check the rewards and past week’s milestones through the right panel of information, “PvE - Rewards and Milestones”. Be sure to check them each week because new ones will be added!

What happens to the PvP aspect of the Tournament?

The PvP part of the Tournament remains exactly the same - the faction with more score at the end of the week will benefit from certain rewards. However, we have prepared some improvements and it will be quite tuned. We shall keep you updated.

We really hope you enjoy this idea and of course, as always, your suggestions are more than welcome, so do not hesitate to write a ticket and chat with us about your ideas. We will definitely give them a thought.

Thank you very much.
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