Happy 8th Anniversary! Summer Sales and new attunement runs incentives.

We want to share with you a little private place within ourselves, telling you what we have learned all this time, how we feel each day working on the server - everything from the bottom of our hearts as this is a very special and remarkable milestone for everyone related to Dalaran-WoW: 8 years! In order to not oversaturate you, we will do that in a separate post.

Nonetheless, we would like to briefly share something here. If you think about what you were doing 8 years ago, you may find yourself in a different place or doing something that you can't almost remember, but you will surely have learned a lot during all this time.

For us, our hearts will always be within Dalaran. This wonderful project has brought us a beautiful journey and allowed us to meet the amazing community that has grown in this Home. We have also learned many things along the way, many good memories have been created and plenty of new knowledge acquired, all while learning that you can actually love a Project-Home like this.

Our loyalty and sense of obligation are directed to you, our community. Our constant work and development are for you, we try to give our best when working towards your wellness.

We might seem like some rendered pixels, but we are actually persons behind them, with good and bad days, healthy and sick moments, happy and sad times. But no matter what, we have been there during these past 8 years. For and thanks to you.

Passion is what drives us, and thanks to our experience as players in the past we have tried to show you the utmost respect for your efforts and your characters' history. That is why every anniversary you are the protagonist and benefactors from all the promotions and events, YOU are Dalaran-WoW.

Our promise is this; we are going to keep squeezing our brains, pushing ideas and boundaries to provide new and innovative ideas so your history on Dalaran lasts many years more!

Okay, let's start with some of the Anniversary Celebrations!

  • The Team A Tabard is already in our shops for 1 Vote or Donation Point, pick it up! It is going to be there for a limited time. We will post more information about a screenshot contest involving this item next week.

  • Summer Sales are here! There is a special tab in our shop and we will be adding more items every few days, remember to take a look! It also includes a new mount The Swift Magic Broom. Even though the tooltip says it lasts 2 weeks; IT DOES NOT, it is permanent with an instant cast and NOT usable in Battlegrounds or Wintergrasp so it doesn't affect PvP.

  • Bang a Gong! Quest will be available tomorrow, the 17th of July at 18:00 ST, get ready!

  • There are also some important updates:

  • Thanks to some players that reported it, we noticed the Faction Leaders were still dropping the Zevhra instead of the Amani War bear - it is fixed already.
  • New system in order to incentivize Naxxramas, Ulduar and Trial of the Crusader runs.

  • New attunement runs incentives.

    Starting next Friday 23rd of July, we are going to increase the drop rate from the fragments of Val'anyr so it doesn't take that long to get it and more players feel encouraged to create fragment runs.

    Aside from that, we have been working for some time on a new system that will also go live next week. A post with more information about it will be published on Friday. But, we will give you a quick peek here.

    As you know, thanks to the attunement there is a helping cycle - geared players help fresh or non attuned level 80s to get the attunement and climb through the tiers, and these freshly attuned players will help them back once they reach ICC. Well, we have now improved this and every geared player who helps in a lower tier raid will receive some juicy rewards.

    Let's put an example, if an Ulduar raid has few players who are NOT attuned yet but thanks to this run they will be, those geared/attuned players within the raid will earn extra rewards: Frost emblems (or based on character progression) and some of the new Incentive Tokens.

    We want to encourage attuned/geared players to join these runs more often and help the fresh 80s, as these 80s will help them back later by joining their ICCs!

    Do not worry, a post with all the specifics will be posted next week, we just wanted to give you an idea about this new system.

    Thank you for everything.
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