Ulduar incentives and a bit more.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

As it was mentioned here, we have been working on a new system in order to encourage players to create or participate in more attunement runs.

Thanks to the attunement there has always been a helping cycle - geared players help fresh or non-attuned level 80s to get the attunement and climb through the tiers, and these freshly attuned players will help them back once they reach ICC. The base idea of the new system is to encourage and reward those geared/attuned players to participate in such runs (or even create them).

How does it work?

It is pretty simple, if the 20% (10 player difficulty) or 16% (25 player difficulty) of the raid is composed by players WITHOUT that raid's attunement, the "carries" or those players who actually have the corresponding achievement (for example, within Ulduar: The Secrets of Ulduar) will receive some extra rewards upon defeating bosses. These are the specifics:

  • 1 extra emblem based on character progression (Frost for ICC attuned).
  • A chance to drop a normal Incentive token.

  • The final boss from each raid (Yogg-Saron for Ulduar) will provide a different set of rewards:

  • 2 extra emblems based on character progression (Frost for ICC attuned).
  • 100% chance to drop a normal Incentive token.
  • 100% chance to drop a heroic Incentive token.

  • This system is already on Algalon and it has been applied only within Ulduar for now; depending on the players response we might extend it to the rest of the raids while adapting the rewards.

    Additionally, we have increased the drop chance from the Fragments of Val'anyr.

    We are updating the new Summer Sales tab from our shop with more items every few days, so be sure to take a look from time to time as you might find something of your interest before the promotion ends.

    As it was explained in the last post, we have added a new and quite special mount: The Swift Magic Broom (with instant cast but not usable within Battlegrounds in order to not interfere with PvP) and we would like to specify something. After this mount was introduced in our shop, it had a 280% speed, however, it has been modified as some players did request. Therefore it is now a very fast mount: 310% speed (even though the tooltip still says 280%).

    Thank you and we hope you enjoy it.
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