The PvE Tournament has begun!

Hello there!

The Legendary PvE Tournament has begun already!

We are really excited and happy to see so many players interested in, remember that you and your group are still on time to register for this Tournament.

The raids can be done in any order you prefer, all in the same ID or keep repeating them until you get better results (you can even do all of the tasks the last Tournament's week).

In order to sign up, you just have to write an email to [email protected] with the subject: Legendary PvE Tournament - your group name. We will take it from there.

Take a look at the Rules, guidelines and rewards here: and here.

For this tournament, you can select one of 2 possible paths; complete a set of task per raid as specified here and here or open a RNG Box that will randomly generate 6 tasks as you can see here.

We are looking forward to seeing those videos! and we really hope you enjoy the Tournament, good luck!
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