The Death Knight Rises



  • The Death Knight Chain quest - Every quest can now be done smoothly by a player.


  • Witch Doctor Zum'rah - boss in Zul'Farrak is now fully scripted and attackable.
  • Overpowered NPC's minions - All the minions's level, HP & Mana pool has been corrected in the world
  • Many NPC's casts fixed - particular abilites has been improved and corrected

Core Fixes

  • Mobs evade bug fixed - Creatures will no longer evade players in certain situations
  • Eternal chasing fixed - Creatures will no longer chase players for unlimited time
  • Evade distance have been reduced - Creatures will now properly reset and apply evade mode upon running away from it.
  • Aggro Reduced by 10% - Range between a player and creature has been adjusted according to their level and distance.
  • Veins and Herbs pools have been reduced in all the maps - the spawn rate has been corrected and properly adjusted to 3.3.5 update.
  • Loot tables correction, drop rate is blizzlike now - Uncommon / Common / Rare / Epic loot table has been corrected for NPCs in general.