The Beast Within.


The following list shows all the corrections performed during the last week. Keep in mind some of them may need a few days before they are deployed to Algalon.



  • Pets will now lose all their auras on arena join.



  • Chimaera Shot Damage percentage applied has been corrected.
  • Traps will now always have an arming timer. This fixes several hunter spell combos.
  • Call of the Wild - Will now only apply to the Hunter and their own pet.
  • Roar of Recovery - Will not go on cooldown if the pet is not in Line of Sight.
  • Hunter spells will now properly scale with haste, Steady Shot included.
  • Auto Shot has been vastly improved:
    - Autoattacks will not stop after the caster is CC'ed.
    - Autoattacks will not stop if the caster goes out of Line of Sight from his target.
    - Autoattacks will not stop if the caster is going out of range from his target.
    - Autoattacks will not get cancelled while casting offensive spells (this bug appeared with one of the latest updates).
  • Steady Shot damage calculations have been rewritten to deal correct damage when using Heirloom weapon.
  • Cobra Reflexes will now decrease pet's damage by 7,5% per rank.
  • Wolverine Bite - This talent will be active only if the pet lands a critical strike.
  • Rapid Recuperation mana regeneration properly implemented for every case.
  • The spell Bestial Wrath will only be able to be cast if the pet is in Line of Sight.
  • The spell Master's Call will only be able to be cast if the pet is in Line of Sight.
  • The spell Mend Pet will only be able to be cast if the pet is in Line of Sight.
  • The spell Aspect of the Viper will now only proc from the correct spells.
  • Savage Rend has received some optimizations.
  • The hunter's pet has received the following improvements:
    - Implement Hunter Stamina Scaling.
    - Implement Hunter Pet AP Scaling.
    - Implement Hunter Pet SP Scaling.
    - Implement Hunter Pet Resistance, Hit, SpellHit, Expertise Scaling.
  • Deterrence can no longer deflect spells while stunned.
  • Warlock

  • Soul Siphon DOT damage has been adjusted.
  • Conflagrate damage has been adjusted.
  • Corruption DOT damage has been adjusted.
  • Glyph of Voidwalker will properly work once again.
  • Rogue

  • Eviscerate: Corrected the Attack Power coefficient of the spell.
  • Vanish will properly remove the mob aggro once again (some issues appeared with the latest update).
  • Savage Combat will now be removed once the poison expires.
  • Druid

  • Swiftmend Heal on Time bonus adjusted.
  • Death Knight

  • Death Knight's Ghoul and Gargoyle will now properly scale with their owner's Spell Penetration and Hit Rating.
  • Instances/Raids

      Trial of the Crusader

    • Few optimization across the raid have been implemented and some basic systems rewritten in order to prevent some recent exploits.
    • Ulduar

    • Several bosses have received mechanic and cosmetic improvements, along with few minor corrections.


    Midsummer Fire Festival



    • 4 core fixes regarding crashes.
    • More preparations and general scripting changes for the Icecrown Citadel's release.