Brewmasters of Dalaran



  • Coren Direbrew has been scripted and released - players may now challenge Coren Direbrew in the Blackrock Depths via gossip option.
  • Down With The Dark Iron event has been scripted and the final quest corrected.
  • Now This is Ram Racing... Almost. - quest has been scripted and adjusted to latest 3.3.5a update.
  • Chug and Chuck! - quest has been properly fixed and new conditions were added.
  • Many Brewfest vendor items were corrected and proper brews for each Brewmaster Vendor has been fixed.
  • Internal spawntimers for NPC "Wild Wolpertinger" has been corrected.
  • Proper hour adjustment has been set for the Dark Iron Event - now it spawns according latest finished event.
  • Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest loot has been corrected to latest 3.3.5a update.
  • Players may now properly spend Brewfest Prize Tokens for various items from each available vendor.


  • Wanted Boss Grog'ak - Quest will no longer be available to alliance Players.
  • Bring me the Egg! - The quest has been revamped, now is doable by players and some minor issues has been corrected.
  • The Calling - The NPC will no longer physically enrage and hit players for massive amount of damage.
  • Neutralizing the Plague - Some minor issues with Flesh Giant Spine drop rate has been corrected
  • The Last Line of Defense - Is now full scripted and players will now get the credit properly.



  • Cyclone under influence of Bladestorm has been corrected - players will now be immune to cyclone while doing Bladestorm
  • Now Warriors can switch weapons during Bladestorm without problems.


  • Master's Call will now properly remove the impairing movements to the pet's target.





  • Many core - Auras/Transport improvements has been corrected and readjusted.
  • Line of Sight/Pathfinding system improved by nearly 25% - some spells will now successfuly leech/soak maps extraction according to situation.