Of Blood and Anguish




  • Many NPC's casts fixed (Berserk Trogg , Ferocious Yeti...etc) - particular abilites has been improved and corrected.
  • Known NPC Text spammers has been fixed - Creatures won't spam their abilites anymore after certain HP %
  • Rare NPCs spawn time corrected - All the Rare creatures now have proper respawn time according to the latest 3.3.5a update.
  • Rakh'likh - creature is fully fixed and scripted.
  • Vladof the Butcher - creature is now fully scripted and doable.
  • Several known, unattackable or triggable NPCs are now corrected to the latest 3.3.5a update.


  • Proc mehanic of some spells have been corrected.
  • Some spells coefficient corrected and improved.


  • Of Blood and Anguish - the achievement can now be properly obtained by players and criteria has been corrected.


  • Corrections on Northrend Dungeons scripts adjusted and properly fixed.


  • World Objects respawns successfuly corrected.
  • Several NPC texts and dialogues updated.
  • Some GGM (General Gossip Menus) corrected through the whole world
  • Mini roleplay events improved and corrected.
  • Many escort NPCs and event Waypoints added/improved