Halls of Reflection


Halls of Reflection

  • Halls of Reflection has been fully scripted and released.
  • Infinite Lumbering Abomination spawn has been fixed - NPCs will no longer spawn in the infinite amounts.
  • Starting waves will now properly reset in the first area and no longer glitch the encounter.
  • Sylvanas Windrunner / Jaina Proudmoore glitches on Heroic difficulty has been successfuly resolved with each wave.
  • Sylvanas Windrunner / Jaina Proudmoore castable spells on the walls has been corrected to latest 3.3.5a update (Arcane & Arrow visual damage attacks).
  • Sylvanas Windrunner Dark Binding Spell's animation has been improved.
  • Jaina Proudmoore Ice Prison Spell's animation has been improved.
  • Time between Undead Wast Waves has been corrected according to 3.3.5a update.
  • Frostworn General Throw Shield Spell has been successfuly corrected and fixed.
  • Roleplay adjustment has been added for The Lich King in the starting area.
  • Some external voice sound files has been updated accordingly to the NPC player is dealing with.
  • Players will no longer get stuck by invisible barriers on the path - proximity glitches has been resolved.


  • Gammothra the Tormentor - Gammothra will now tranform himself, react to Pouch of Crushed Bloodspore and become weakned version.
  • Battle at Valhallas Chain Quest - Now the Chain is full scripted and doable, a glitch is still present at the third quest of the chain.
  • Opening the Backdoor - Phasing issues has been resolved and corrected, players will no longer be set in the wrong phase.
  • Divine Retribution - Dialog with Kalaran Windblade has been corrected and players may now successfuly finish the quest through gossip option.
  • The Battle For The Ebon Hold - Patchwerk in the Ebon Hold will now respawn properly according to latest 3.3.5a update.
  • Massacre At Light's Point - Scarlet Fleet units will now properly respawn as they should.
  • Smoke 'Em Out - Players will now get the credit for each goblin unit that gets affected.
  • Grand Prize - Stranglethorn Valley Fishing Extravaganza will now properly start according to server time.
  • The Warm-Up - Players will now successfuly receive quest credit upon defeating Kirgaraak.




  • Cyclone will no longer affect Spiritual Immunity which is active on a player.


  • Kira Songshine - the NPC will no longer fly but rather walk on the ground.
  • Many Rare NPC in Outlands corrected - immunity masks adjusted and spawn timers corrected.
  • Corpulent Horrors - the NPC will now be introduced in the same Phase in which is the player currently.


  • Satchel of Helpful Goods - the item has been fully fixed, it will always reward something and serve as a final reward upon completing Random Dungeon Finder.