Charging forward.


The following list shows all the corrections performed during the last week. Keep in mind some of them may need a few days before they are deployed to Algalon.



Temple of Ahn'Qiraj

Blackrock Spire

Hellfire Ramparts

  • Omor the Unscarred will now properly reset once players move too far away of its position.

Scarlet Monastery Graveyard



  • Bladestorm - The spell will no longer get cancelled when switching weapons.
  • Spell Reflection - The aura will now properly reflect spell effects such as Death Grip, Penance or Dispel Magic.
  • Improved Spell Reflection - The talent will now properly reflect spells from party members. The range has been adjusted to 20 yards.
  • Heroic Strike - The spell will no longer cancel the Warrior's auto-attacks. The spell will now deal extra damage to dazed targets.
  • Enrage - The different enrage auras will no longer stack with each other. If Death Wish is used, it will now override any Enrage effect.
  • Revenge - The spell will now only be usable once after blocking, dodging or parrying an attack.
  • Shield Slam - The maximum damage of the spell will now be increased by Shield Block and Glyph of Blocking.
  • Intervene - The spell will now reduce the target's total threat by 10%.
  • Retaliation, Shield Wall and Recklessness will no longer share the same cooldown after loading screens.
  • Paladin

  • Seal of Command - The spell will now proc correctly and it will no longer have an internal cooldown. The seal will now be able to proc Vindication.
  • Death Knight

  • Blood Tap - The spell will no longer cause visual issues for wrong converted runes.
  • The Rune cooldown grace period has been implemented for all runes.
  • Blood of the North, Death Rune Mastery and Reaping - The talents will now work as intended. Death Runes will no longer revert to its original state when using one of the skills affected by the talents.
  • Warlock

  • Health Funnel - The amounts of restored and sacrificed health have been corrected. The amount of restored health will now scale with spell power.
  • Druid

  • Brambles - The talent will now properly add a chance to daze attackers while Barkskin is active.
  • Druid T8 Restoration 2P Bonus - The spell has been corrected and it will now increase the healing done by Swiftmend by 10%.
  • Primal Fury - The chances of getting an additional combo point from critical strikes will now work as intended. The first rank of the talent will now be unlearned as soon as the player learns the highest rank.
  • Leader of the Pack - The aura will no longer stack from different feral druids that are in the same party/raid.



  • Preparations and scripting changes for the Elemental Invasion event release.
  • The Onslaught Execution mini event in Dragonblight has been scripted.
  • A few more roleplay events and general cosmetic details across the world have been implemented.
  • A few more quest givers will now trigger dialogues once you pick up or turn in their quests.
  • 2 experience and reputation exploits fixes in Northrend.
  • Some minor typos regarding dialogues/quotes have been corrected.
  • The achievement Mine Sweeper is now obtainable.
  • Added spell support for the achievement Giddy Up!, the achievement will now be granted to players instantly.


  • Several core fixes regarding crashes.
  • More preparations and general scripting changes for the Icecrown Citadel's release.