Lightning guide my Fury!




  • The vehicle system has been revamped according to latest 3.3.5a update
  • Tenacity will now properly adjust on a player when the battle starts


  • Some fixes/improvement and preparations for the soon upcoming release of Thorim, Icecrown Citadel 10 man Heroic Mode and Ruby Sanctum 10 man normal mode.

  • Transport system hot fixes and preparations for the Icecrown Gunship Battle and Trial of the Champion (ToC 5) release.

The Icecrown Citadel

  • The Lich King's physical damage dealt on 25 Normal Mode has been corrected and properly adjusted - it was slightly overpowered
  • The Lich King - Now Val'kyr Shadowguards can't be Death Gripped, Rooted..etc. Proper immunity masks have been applied.


  • Mimiron's Rapid Burst its now properly scripted and hooked to the boss.
  • Mimiron's Spinning Up has been revamped and it will has a realistic motion now.
  • Mimiron's Laser Barrage spell will be now casted through Mimirons arms properly and in the correct direction. The Spell radius has also been corrected.
  • Mimiron - Frost Bomb has been reworked and is now working as it should.
  • Hodir now grants the credit properly.
  • General Vezax - Saronite Vapors granted debuffs will now have the proper relation mask.
  • Yogg Saron - Lunatic Gaze now always reduces the sanity by 4%.
  • Yogg Saron - Sara's Psychosis Spell is now fully scripted and working.
  • General Ulduar Achievement Support implemented.

Utgarde Keep

  • Ingvar The Plunderer - the NPC now properly gives the credit on both Normal and Heroic version to players.

Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom

Northrend Instances:

  • All the bosses from the Northrend's Heroic Instances have now the proper immunity masks.



  • Heroism and Bloodlust will now affect players and pets which are not in the Line of Sight.
  • Grounding Totem now has proper absorbtion mask, trigger system and will now redirect all the incoming offensive spells or attacks properly according to latest 3.3.5a update


Blessing of Sanctuary / Greater Blessing of Sanctuary and Blessing of Kings / Greater Blessing of Kings will no longer stack on a player.