I remember you... In the mountains...



  • Some visual gear from NPCs has been fixed, equipment such as weapons (swords, shields, staves etc...)

  • Many bosses will now pull their entire trash mobs upon entering in combat.


  • Thorim has been fully scripted and succesfully released.
  • Assembly of Iron - Stormcaller Brundir will not go under textures anymore.
  • Kologarn's intro corrected and multiple Roleplays added. This Boss has been totally revamped
  • Kologarn will now cast Stone shout properly.
  • Kologarn will now cast Petrifying Breath.
  • Kologarn's Eye bean will chase a player properly and will be triggering: Focused Eyebeam.
  • Kologarn's Arms will now summon Rubber and this NPC will cast Rumble and Stone Nova.

Ulduar - Trash

Utgarde Pinacle