When witches go riding


Hallow's End

  • Headless Horseman's ground and air waypoints has been corrected - the NPC can now properly navigate himself choosing the proper path in the instance.
  • Issues when someone is solo-ing Headless Horseman has been corrected - Achievement has been fixed and the loot will now properly be in the corpse.
  • Headless Horseman's loot has been fixed and properly adjusted to latest 3.3.5 update.
  • Loot-Filled Pumpkin loot has been fixed and properly adjusted to latest 3.3.5a update.
  • Temporary fix has been added to resolve the issues between Random Dungeon Finder and Headless Horseman's daily reward.
  • Emblems of Frost were corrected which are gained either from Headless Horseman or some other source.
  • Handful of Treats will now reward proper items to players once opened.
  • Temporary fix for the quests Let the Fires Come!" and Stop the Fires! has been added for both factions.
  • Achievement "Out With It" has been corrected according to latest 3.3.5a update.


  • So far, So bad - Diluting Additive will now properly hit the marked area and therefore give the credit to a player.
  • The Hopeless Ones... - Captain Edward Hanes will now properly cast a buff on players and offer proper gossip option.
  • Fate of the Titans - minor issues with credit part has been corrected.


  • Minor issues with some walls has been updated.



  • Dark Iron Land Agent - the NPC will now successfuly spawn land mines upon being attacked by a player.
  • Defias Conjuror - the NPC now has proper spells implemented.
  • Grimscale Murloc - the NPC will no longer cast fear on themselves but rather on players.
  • Many hovering creatures position has been fixed - they will no longer float invisible in the air.


  • Many quests drop rate has been corrected according to 3.3.5a update.
  • New Agamand Inn - the inn will now provide proper resting bonus.